Friday, 19 August 2016


Every single seasons there are a few labels I just cannot wait to see what have in store, and SCOTCH AND SODA for kids, Scotch R'belle and Scotch Shrunk is quickly becoming massive favourites over here. As a lot of brands play it safe in the colours, style and pattern department, S&S just never ever do! They mix and match fabrics and prints and have a fun and quirky style for the sweet natured, surf loving, gypsy spirited adventurers. As Scotch and Soda goes, their children's wear offer the same amazing quality as their adult lines: never ever taking shortcuts on quality: This palm tree sweater Mr C is wearing is made from the coziest cotton/linen mix. It is so soft and so strong at the same time, and not to mention, how amazing linen feels on your skin. I paired it with the coolest denim shorts around, the Mercer shorts! Miss W's jumpsuit is in a woven cotton, and is soft and strong as well. So cute with the stripes and so cool with the neon tassles. I paired the jumpsuit with the amazing and super fluffy Mini Rodini pile baseball jacket, made from 100% recycled polyester and organic cotton. Ah Mini Rodini... I don't know how you do what you do, but I love it! Gold coloured details makes this bomber so much more special, and did I mention how soft it is? You cannot go wrong with this, I tell you. Not even on a lovely winters day in 20 degrees Celsius. So cozy!

For this little adventure we headed north to a little place full of caves and white sandy beaches and sand dunes! The kids climbed, jumped, splashed, rolled and played for ages. They even met a little pirate friend, who's mom I have known through Instagram for a long time now. It was so fun to randomly bump into each other like that, nowhere near where any of us live! Awesomeness!
It truly felt a lot like summer, the kids were really just missing their swimmers! And thankfully, the weather around these parts has been wonderful ever since. Beachdays and sandy salty days, we are SO ready!!!

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Mr C is wearing

Miss W is wearing


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