Wednesday, 3 August 2016


MR L and I went for a trip up the coast to a beautiful little beach town- Shoal Bay. That beach reminds me of the Italian Mediterranean, with the mountains in the background, it’s just such a beautiful place. Definitely worth a visit! It’s a great weekend trip for Sydney-siders - lot’s of fun activities around for the kids, like dolphin watching and camel rides along the beach.
Mr L and I had a great play at the beautiful beach. He just loves to dig in the sand and collect shells. In the afternoon we went into town and  he found a big fun Chess board. We were lucky no one was playing  a game. That was awesome. He spontaneously picked up all the horse pieces and put them together to kiss each other. So cute <3 
It was a bit of a chilly day, so I rugged him up in the softest super thin merino wool basics from Luvmother. I just adore this brand and their amazing products. All their pieces are from the finest Merino wool and their are so soft on your skin. The weather in NSW is very random, one second very cold winds and the next minute its so sunny and hot! The Merino Wool Hoodie, Merino Pants are great basic to wear for days like this and just add on your favourite T-shirt.  Or even a vest and scarf when it gets colder and you can be all day out and play. Mr L wears his Merino wool Luvmother all day and stayed nice and warm from the winds and we just added on some of his favorite pieces from the season to style the basics up a bit.
The wolf  T-shirt is from  Iglo +Indi and the cute puffin beanie. The  monochrome vest jacket from Chi Khi it’s a must have item for the Australian winter. Lillsters warm socks, scarves  and grey rabbit ear beanie to keep up with the changing weather.
I’d like to tell you a little bit more about the most amazing eco-friendly socks designed and manufactured in Sweden by I guess most of us had the experience when socks  don’t stay on babies feet. At least I tried a lot of different brands baby socks and none of them stayed on Mr L’s feet more than a few min and he kicked them off. So most of the time he was bare feet.  Lillsters founder; Maria started her brand in the same frustration to find stay on socks on little babies in great quality and as well- good for the environment. So here are the fantastic socks! They stay on and are super comfortable and warm and as well  She also has a cute range of beanies and scarfs and everything is unisex.

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous coastal NSW. 
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Socks, scarf and grey ear beanie
Preloved west
Shoes feiyue at Romperstoper kids            

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