Monday, 15 August 2016


It’s almost time for the big drum roll. Our favorite brand, all categories, is making its first drop any day now and we have been waiting not so patiently for this since spring. I know that a lot of you get all hyped up about the big brands like Bobo Choses and Mini Rodini but for me and Mr. W this is the most important collection of the season. And I just can’t rave enough about I Dig Denim’s AW16. It is 100% amazing. I mean it. 
You have seen their denim shirt Zoe already and during summer I pulled together several photo-shoots to cover a large part of the remaining collection. But however many photos I take, I still feel as if I could show you more. AW16 is a pretty big collection and the combination of outfits are endless, it seems. So this post will be a pre-taste, so to speak. A glimpse of just how amazing this brand is by showing you an outfit that works during early- and mid autumn. And then I'll be back soon with part 2 which will contain the new fantastic winter parka for example and the mustard yellow beanie, Zion. 
Now, all the photos in this post are shot in July but humor me and pretend that it’s on a cold day of autumn instead. One with the earthy scent of autumn leaves and with winds that nip at your nose. See, I am one of those weird people that actually love the fall-season with all its knits, beanies and scarves. High summer is glorious in so many ways but when you love fashion the warm weather is kind of limiting since half the time you only wear swimwear or shorts.
I have to tell you that I dig denim has outdone themselves with the knits this season. My personal favorites are probably Greta, the charcoal grey cardigan in this post, and the black Rufus beanie which is just so soft and has an absolutely perfect fit. (I am also in love with the off-white cable knitted sweater that I’ll be showing you in the next post.) 
I have almost too many favorites and, as always, the items all work together seamlessly. Overall, I dig denim’s fall/winter range is mostly different shades of grey and black with a few accentual colors. For those of you who have been waiting for darker blue Arizonas, the wait is over. Also; make sure to look for “Bruce”, the skinny jeans. They are golden, I tell you!
From what I’ve seen, the collection seems to be equal to the past ones size-wise which means that it is relatively true to size. But I always recommend to size up if you are in between sizes. Better with a little room to grow, right? Like with this cardigan for example? Mr. W is a size 110/116 in IDD clothes but I sized up to 122/128 in this and it looks perfect!
I could go on and on about every piece in this fall-line but I am going to shut up and let the photos talk for themselves. Just one last thing; For every collection, I dig denim’s aim of an all friendly-made production is set higher and higher. All of I dig denim’s products are produced under high requirements ensured by the producers and partners they collaborate with. And the brand maintains a continuous dialogue with their suppliers to ensure that they are committed to rigorous standards regarding working conditions and ethical responsibilities. The producers ensure that the production lives up to high requirements and audit that it takes place under good working conditions. You can read their Code of Conduct here. I have been a big fan of this brand for a long time now and I must say that I am very proud of this progress. Go I Dig Denim! And big hugs to all of you from me and Mr.W, who are now back to the usual grind after a long holiday.
xoxo // Linn

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What Mr.W is wearing:
Rufus” black knitted beanie, 
Greta” Charcoal grey cardigan, 
Lee” black long sleeved top and 
Arizona” jeans in a new darker wash.  
All from I Dig Denim AW16 
(except for the backpack which is limited edition from SS16)

The I dig denim AW16 collection will be available from their own website and you can find their entire list of retailers at If you are in Australia you can always count on Hipkin though. They usually stock the entire collection.

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