Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Let me tell you about Paulie.
I have known Paulie through instagram for 3 years now (maaaan, time flies!) and through this time I have seen her grow from the mother of 2 to the mother of 3 and she has become an amazing inspirational athlete. She is incredible this lady, how she does it all, I do not know! Not only is she an amazing mother, a fantastic runner, but a more genuine and beautiful person, you will have to search hard for. For someone to make a business - solely to aid others, that is selflessness in a way that can render most of us speechless. The time it takes for her and her littles to make these beautiful beaded necklaces, and sell them to help little Trax and his family, and the Australian CF foundation, well, words are few. I have Paulie in the highest regard and I am proud to call her a friend of mine.
 We purchased our very first necklace 2.5 years ago, a yellow beaded necklace with a little elephant on it. The children loved it so much, and I am so happy to find that they both still do! They care about them  and the animals become little friends that they can take with them everywhere. The magnetic bead that holds the necklace is genius for you don't have to worry about your child getting tangled up.

The story of the Pray 4 Trax necklaces is a very sweet, modern day story of friendship and kindness. When Paulie was pregnant with her little boy Rixy, her instagram -friend Kassie was pregnant with twins and their due date was pretty close. Paulie used to look at Kassie, already a mother of 3, juggling life and pregnancy and was inspired by her. Rixy was born right before Kassie gave birth to the twins, and not long after came the message that her little boy, Trax, had Cyctic Fibrosis.
You can read more about the sweet connection between Paulie and Kassie, (( here ))
You can read more about cystic fibrisis (( here ))

The Pray4Trax necklace is handmade in Australia. – It was designed and constructed in 2013 by four-year-old Tysi and his mum Paulie to help support the medical treatments of Trax, a beautiful one-year-old boy diagnosed with cystic fibrosis soon after his birth. From local limited sales the necklace has caught international attention and is a well-known symbol of spreading awareness about CF and how a simple gesture of kindness can help a family in need. 

Head to the little vikings, to read more and to purchase the beautiful #pray4trax necklaces.
The sales from Charlie the Dino and Fiona the Piggy will support the Australian CF research fund! X
Thank you for supporting.\

Find Paulie and her crew over at @mrs_paulie_

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