Wednesday, 20 July 2016


There has been a lot of rain here lately and I took Mr L out to the park where he found massive big puddles to splash in. He couldn’t stop him self to go back and forward in the puddles and splash water everywhere. It’s fun to just let him be a kid and discover the nature in his own way. The other parents around us had a big laugh and the other kids wanted to have a go too, but there parents didn’t let them. I had a change of clothes for Mr L with me so it was fine and I don’t care about what the other people thought. Let your kids be kids. Sometimes It’s ok to let them be a bit silly.
We were also playing hide and seek in the little forest. It’s fun play in a natural environment and to discover the world.
The funky gumboots are from Bergstein, which are handmade of soft natural rubber which makes them very comfortable in both cold and warm climates.
They come in an array vibrant colors and you will definitely find one that fits your childs personality (and outfit!)
The super cute Manchester pants and Hat are from the High fashion Australian children’s Label Feather and drum. The founder Kelly-Lee creates timeless clothing in a bohemian style which draws the inspiration from the nature. The hat is my absolute favorite!
How cute is that? 
The beautiful hand printed Lion top is from the small independent Belgian children’s brand Lion of Leisure. Matthew and Saskia handprint each and every garment, with non toxic dyes and great care to the environment and the little people who will be wearing them. Their cotton is GOTS certified and soft as silk and their pieces are timeless and non seasonal. This ls tee was worn before, by Miss W, (see here)) and it is still as beautiful as ever. Now t h a t my dears, is great quality. 

xx Ingrid

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous coastal NSW. 
She is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. 

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Mr L is wearing

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