Thursday, 21 July 2016


And so it begins: The new seasons are about to start rolling in: In the northern hemisphere, the AW16/17 collections will start arriving just as the wind is cooling down and the leaves decide its time to consider changing colour and in the southern hemisphere, the SS16/17 will being rolling in with the beautiful warmth of  the summer. As per usual, Bobo choses kicks off the season, with a little pre-taste of what is to come: Bobo Choses AW16, 'How to disappear' is a fun and cute collection full of magic (and magicians tricks) and we had the pleasure of testing out some of the Drop 1 styles available at Buckets and Spades:: The most fabulous of news is that Bobo has decided to go back to organic cotton where possible and the super cute Bunny henley ls tee is one of the organic cotton pieces. Way to go Bobo! The stripe midi skirt has the most amazing drape and Miss W loves it so much (she picked out these pieces her self and this skirt is her favourite of them all) She also picked out Mr C's Bobo choses spoons sweater, which is the softest brushed cotton fleece sweater ever! The cut is fabulous! A bit shorter in the front with a rounded longer hem in the back. Flawless. This will be my favourite bobo choses sweater cut to date. I just love the way it fits both of them so perfectly. It fits Miss W equally great! A bit looser and longer, which is a great look too. It's a size 4-5 and Missy is almost (can't believe I'm saying this) 4 (!!) And Mr C is almost (This is just as hard to comprehend) 6! And it fits them both. (I'll be sure to post a picture of Miss W wearing this jumper as well) To keep Mr C's outfit boyish and true to his personality, I chose to match this sweater with his Munster Kids Denim Cruz pants. These pants are soooo soft and easy to climb/bounce /run/bike in and even though they feel like super soft trackies, they are such a step up (I personally don't let my kids go out in trackies unless they are sick or its a really really gloomy day) (Buckets and Spades has these pants as well, and I believe they might be on sale! Definitely worth a look!)
We did a bit of disappearing, behind pizza, bushes, beanies, posts, hats, flowers, scarves... As always Bobo caters to the curiosity and creativity of children and their parents, and that is one of the reasons, Bobo is one of the biggest independent children's fashion brands.

We went to our favourite park again: And we just roamed around and enjoyed the gardens, the beautiful light and the fresh country air. You can see more from our fagan park adventures (( here ))  It's so good: none of our adventures from this park look the same... you can enjoy the sights first, and do a beautiful little pathway walk through African and Mediterranean gardens, around the little duck pond, through tunnels of trees and rose gardens, and little gazebos and then the kids can have hours of fun at the beautiful play park afterwards while you munch on your lunches and you can pick some eco-tomatoes in the eco-garden before checking out the old farmhouse in the back. Its a lovely little place! Miss W was wearing my old coat, that a friend of the family bought for me at Harrods/ London about 33 years ago! It is such a stunning little piece and I am so grateful my mom took care of it for me. Some things are simply priceless. 

Then we headed to one of the surrounding suburbs for dinner with our old Sydney neighbours. It surely was a day to remember and everyone fell asleep in utter exhaustion that night :D 

I hope you will enjoy our Bobo Choses adventure. We truly and thoroughly did <3  
All the love, Karianne and the munchkins <3 


Miss W is wearing

Vintage blue coat after her momma
(from Harrods / London Circa 1983)
Adidas Star wars special edition kicks

Mr C is wearing 
Bobo Choses hand trick round scarf
Vans Waterproof winter kicks


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