Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Late June and early July has the best evening light in Sweden. The sun doesn’t set until late at night and on Midsummer Eve it almost never gets dark. A few hours of dusk and that’s about it - then the sun returns in full force. We spent the midsummer weekend at the beach house in Stockholm’s outer archipelago and the sunsets were gorgeous. Shades of pink, purple and light blue which went beautifully with the calm sea and the stony beaches.
Mr. W loves the ocean and spent most of the weekend either in the water or on the beach, collecting treasures. This particular evening we went down to the rocks to feed the stale bread to the eagle that circles the shore and to watch the sun set in the ocean. He found seagull feathers and climbed the big landmark rock and it was such a serene outing for the both of us. It feels like the last couple of months have flown by in a constant state of stress and I think that we both needed to stop for a second and just take in nature. I mean, it’s July already and I have hardly come to terms with the fact that it is already summer.
This particular beach has been a favorite of mine for years and I am so happy that Mr W has a chance to spend his summers in the archipelago, just like I did when I was a kid. The grey in Mr W’s outfit almost camouflaged him against the stones but as the sun set it stood out beautifully against the sky.
I love when the spring/summer collections meet the new ones meant for fall. The stonewashed denim shirt from I Dig Denim will hit the stores in august but it works perfectly already. It’s thin and soft and Mr W wears it a size or two too big just because it’s comfortable. The Troy Tee from the SS16 is one of our favorite tees, so thin it’s almost see-through and matched with last summer’s short sweats, the outfit makes perfect for high summer evenings. Especially combined with that surfer hairstyle made by hours and hours spent in the salty sea.
The stones are the perfect palette of grey colors and it looks like I Dig Denim has found their perfect color blend from them. There are just so many perfect items from this Swedish denim brand this fall and we are not even halfway through summer. I might have to make this beach theme into an I Dig Denim-series. Their stuff works so well with this beautiful backdrop and the “Zoe” Denim shirt is just one of the many gems from AW16.
But until then, take care of yourself and remember to stop and enjoy the sunset once in a while.

Big hugs from Linn (who is getting ready for summer vacation)



Mr W is wearing:
“Zoe” Stonewashed Denim Shirt from AW16
“Troy” White Print Tee from SS16
“Trey” Shorts Grey Melange from SS15
All from I Dig Denim

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