Monday, 18 July 2016


Thoughts about the forces of nature//

When the storm passed through our town last month, it didn't leave behind a path of destruction, not many homes got broken and not many (if any) lost their lives, but for the kids, it was a bit overwhelming to see just how powerful the weather and the ocean can be when they both play together. The storms that raided through the pacific islands were horrendous and so many homes and lives got lost, and as adults we know how lucky we were that this didn't happen to us over here, sheltered by our concrete blocks for buildings, a massive swell on the beaches that cover out eastern Australian coastline, but the children don't know this and to them, this was such a big event. I decided to take them and our neighbours sweet dog out for a walk and to photograph them as they were taking in at all the changes that happened in our little town. The biggest thing was all the sand that literally disappeared over night. Over 1 meter in height, I'd say 1,5 almost, lost at sea! The bridge in the picture that the kids are standing on top of and under, was never there before, its only been a sand covered ramp that the lifeguard- truck has driven up and down. Noone even knew there was a gap underneath it. And the rubble from the side of the beach.. wow that really took our breath away.
It was truly, such a humbling day to all: every passerby-er had a comment on the happenings and everyone were taken by the unreal forces of nature.
Now a month later it's all settling back into how it used to be, yeah the beach is much smaller and lower, but it's still there... And so we count our blessings and leave it at that,

The kids were dressed snugly as it has been chilly with the cold winds raging. I love simple and comfy sweaters and trackies and I have to say Zuttion makes such good basic pieces. They are a great mix between grunge/hipster/surf/bmx. Very cool boyish fashion friendly made in Bali, but even Miss Lilo loves this brand and that sweater is perfection on her! Love that shade of grey/blue matched with that classic feather drum stone rose skirt and that super cute beanie! <3

Thank you for passing by.
To see the same beach how it was, check this post to compare <3

xxx Karianne

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