Friday, 29 July 2016


I have recently found a new Passion: Scootering! It’s so much fun to go scooting together with Mr L! This weekend Mr L and I went practicing around the bike track at our local lake. We even tried to scoot together on my new White Micro Adult scooter; it was so much fun! We went around the lake and had a few stops on the way to check out fish from the jetty and play around in the Forest.
It all started out Leon received a Micro mini scooter for his birthday from his grandparents and he loves it. But he has become so fast so quickly and I  just can’t catch up with him ~ I’m not the best runner. My friend told me I needed to try out an adult scooter to be able to keep up with him! I’m so happy I did! I choose the white Adult scooter from Micro and It’s an amazing. Mr L and I have so much fun together and it’s a great exercise as well to keep fit and a great bonding with my son!
As well as it’s a fun activity scooting it’s very convenient to get from A to B for example to drop of at school, it’s saves time and it is environmentally friendly.
The micro scooters are of a very high standard, reliable and innovative Swiss Design. Switzerland is the country known for their great engineering skills, famous for  watches and army knifes and the Micro scooters are no exception!
The inventor - Wim Ouboter come up with the scooting idea to find a great vehicle to take him to his favorite restaurant. It was to far to walk but to close to take the car out and he didn’t want to lock his bike. The rest is history and he got nominated as one of the 10 best toys inventors in the world!!
We both got dressed up in the amazing organic and ethical label Winter Water Factory in matching outfits. They are known for their fresh bold and textile screen-prints! I’m wearing a very comfortable Panama jumpsuit with the great boat and waves prints! A fun outfit for busy mums. It’s a one piece and you don’t have to think what to match it with! It’s made out of 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and ethically cut and sewn in Brooklyn, USA! Mr L  wears a tank tee with a graphic fish print.
Winter Water Factory are a Brooklyn based design company specializing in screen-printing and kids clothing and we are very lucky they have a collection for mums as well both dresses, jumpsuits and tops!  It’s fantastic to find a organic label which  we mum’s can go shop at as well! They even do pillow cases and kitchen towels if you like to decorate your home in the graphic prints!
The company is created from the creative and talented Stefanie Lynen and her husband Todd Warnock.
She is a self thought designer with a medical degree. She fell in love with screen-printing and created  her own company together with her Husband Todd how is working on sales and Marketing.
The story about their name is really cute, when Stefanie was a little girl she grew up in Germany and she and her sister bottled winter water and sold it to their parents! And her mission to create fine products from natural resources continues with Winter Water Factory in Brooklyn!
Wish you all a fabulous day to explore and bonding with your kids!

xxx Ingrid

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous coastal NSW. 
She is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. 

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Finally, MUNSTER KIDS SS16 has launched and I am super excited to share with you this well kept secret! Not only is the collection awesome -as always, but our very own Mr C had the pleasure of being a part of this campaign with the wonderful team that makes up Munster kids. Munster kids is a Sydney based brand that makes uber cool, ethically manufactured clothing for kids 0-14 years. Friendly made in Vietnam. The style is definitely urban surf and truly caters to the parents who loves the urban surf culture but not the massive branding that comes with it. I would say Munster is the only brand that is not ALL branding but still skate/surf/bmx inspired and cool enough to wear into your early teens. The styles are grown up but the graphics are playful, colourful and fun. I have always felt that Munster kids fits Mr C so well. It's just made for his personality! Ever since I bought Mr C his very first Munster kids pieces back in 2011, I have pictured  him one day being a little munster dude, and here we are, 5 years later... Wow. Mindblown and amazed, proud and grateful. I love this campaign so much! All of it. The kids are so cool, the clothing so fresh and summery, the style so perfect for active l. It will be a very fun summer in these Munster kids threads, and I for one, cannot wait!

Munster kids SS16 is up for preorder at your favourite munster kids stockist now::
Buckets and spades. My messy room to mention a few.

::: To purchase head to :::