Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Loves, I am so excited to write you today as I have had the pleasure of working with two of my favourite Australian brands, Feather Drum and Hubble + Duke. Both brands I have been seeing the growth of from the VERY beginning and I have had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind both brands as well. You don't know how often I think about how much amazingness has come from this blogging life, so many incredibly friends has come along, it is just beyond me how we get to work with incredibly inspiring people every single day, and I also get to share my passion for ethically made children's wear with you. 
Kelly from Feather Drum is the brains behind the gorgeous stone rose print that got immensely popular all around the world a couple of seasons ago: Kelly also is the wonderful mama who designed the most beautiful jumpsuits we ever knew. To see our previous Feather Drum features, please head (( here )) and enjoy! I have taken some of my best photos of my children in Feather Drum, so I truly hope you will love it. The kids were even the little models in the AW15 collection, Wild boheme.
This season I fell in love with the brigette bell corduroy dungarees: they are so sooo cute: Flared leg, thin corduroy and the most beautiful fit! Miss W loves it too and did not want to change into pj's in the evening. 
I paired the dungarees with two gorgeous pieces from Hubble + Duke's AW16 collection the super soft organic cotton envelope tee  and the beautiful Ashley Woodson Bailey collaboration hooded puffer vest  The thing about Hubble + Duke you need to know, is that yes, they are the masters of 
making super soft and beautiful moccs for your darlings, but they have also brought to you the softest LS tees and most beautiful collection: they have spent so much time finding the perfect cotton and the perfect factory and I can tell you one thing: When the envelope tee arrived I thought "erhm, Miss W is a bit too big for envelope tees" and then I felt that quality and then I put it on her and I am so happy to admit I was wrong: this is our new favourite ls tee. The fit is perfection: the neck line is so perfect and of course, so comfortable she slept in it all night long. The vest is gorgeous and Miss W loved it from the moment she laid eyes on it. I am so happy winter has arrived, so she can live in these pieces! on this day 

We have been caught between all kinds of colds and flu's lately, so this day we just went for a lovely walk in our neighbourhood, collecting flowers and helping dandelions spread their seeds. Living by the ocean it's not easy to take a walk without including the beach but we did take a detour and smelled the flowers and Miss W even found a drain she found highly interesting. It had a cockroach in it and Miss W happens to love all creatures ~ big and small. 
I had braided her hair in two beautiful dutch braids which we always call the love heart braids as the dutch braids look a little bit like lovehearts when they have been pulled. 
Miss W also got to test out her brand new red Hunter gumboots, which Mr C and I have the same model of, and I must tell you, I will be living in my green wellies until summer. The most comfortable footwear I own. If you ever wonder about what kind of gumboots you need, Hunter boots are it! 

I hope you will love our neighbourhood walk and that you will fall in love with these two Australian brands just as much as we have. 
Have a wonderful week darlings 
xxx Karianne and the Wellie-Crew!

Miss W is wearing

Hunter Boots Original kid red 
Mini Rodini Sunglasses


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