Monday, 20 June 2016


Mr L was very lucky he got to met his great Auntie Susan the other day! She came to visit us, all the way from Tasmania! We took her out for sightseeing to show her our neighborhood, where we ended up at a beautiful lake and watched the beautiful black swans and chased the seagulls.  Mr  L collected  autumn leaves to colour and to create artwork when he come home. So much fun! It was windy and cold but with the right outfit we all stayed nice and warm! The Australian winter reminds me of a cold Swedish summer day. You have to be dressed up in the right clothes to be able to enjoy the nature! Like my preschool teachers always sad, there’s no bad weather just bad clothes. And it’s kind of true. When you dressed up in the correct gear you don’t feel the cold. There’s so many great materials out there today and the Iglo+Indi from Iceland really know how to create the best windproof, rainproof and breathable jacket for children and it’s very cool as well with the Tiger print on the back! It comes in different designs and colours. It’s one key garment for the winter season here!
Iceland has quite a cold climate so they know how to create great clothes for kids. That’s something I has observed here in Australia, when it’s windy and cold and rainy nobody is out, so we have to learn from our Scandinavian friends!  It also has reflective stripes on the arms so you child will be seen by the traffic etc and of course with a great zip up hoody.
Good shoes and toasty jackets are keys to keep you warm in the winter!
Mr L’s little feet are covered with his favorite Tip toey joey leapy runners. They are designed for pre and first walkers they super soft and have a flexible non-slippery rubber sole and of course made in leather! He had a another pair exactly the same he took his first step in and learned to walk. It’s his favorite and he grew out of them so he is so glad he received a new pair! They are just the best shoes specially to learn to walk in for small delicate baby feet! And I can tell you something, if I tried to put on another brand of shoes, Mr L was screaming until he got to wear his favorite Tip Toey Joey. That’s a great rating for how comfortable they are. And they are easy to put on as well thanks to their elastic laces and Velcro on top.

Tip Toey Joey makes the most amazing shoes for little feet.
They are designed from an Australian dad and a Brazilian mum how couldn’t find any soft and comparable shoes for their little daughter Sofia’s baby feet. It started out Scott the dad tickled her little feet with ink and made the first stamp paper with her footprint and from their they created sanded wooden models crafting the base of the first Tip Toey Joey and Sofia just loved the result and so does little Mr L. It’s his favorite! Their winter collection is inspired by campfire! Check it out and I’m sure you will find the perfect shoes for your child. They design any thing from the best sneakers to western boots, to sandals to baby dolly shoes.
They are made for comfort and protection.
Campfire it’s their tale of the winter collection.

Kind Regards,

Ingrid Sjödahl

Mr L is wearing
Long sleeve tee

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