Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Hi loves. How was your week? Here it's been so chilly and ever so hectic, I am not even sure which foot to stand on ( or.. buttcheek to sit on more like it hehe) I have had so much to do this week and the kids have given me 0 space to do them, so late nights and long tired slow days has been our solution! It's all good though, so many exciting projects coming up and so many adventures awaits, but first, let me bring you back to last weekend. It was the perfect winter weather! So lovely in the daytime and a little chilly, but not icy cold, in the evening. Such a perfect day to go bird spotting and twirl by the lake. We saw a pelican getting caught by a fisher, which was so hard for me to see, but luckily he flew away and seemed all fine. I think the fisherman was in a little shock after that as he packed up quite soon after. Can you imagine? You are fishing for little fish and suddenly a massive pelican eats the fish you caught and catches your hook!!! I actually let out a loud "NO!!!" by the surprise but thankfully it all went well.

After that we ventured for a little walk in the beautiful golden sunset and just twirled, ran, danced and giggled. Miss W loves tutus ( and I lov ethem on her), and the Feather Drum Delphine tulle skirt is perfect for her: It is durable and not too fancy, you can dress it up or down with the accessories you choose and we dressed it a little down with cotton tights. The feather drum Amelie Pussy bow blouse is pure perfection. The buttons in the back gets ALL the heart eyes and that incredible Luisa et la Luna Cropped loop jacket and Luisa et la Luna loopy hat, is seriously the softest and thickest wool pieces I have ever seen! I came across this brand at Mini Model gallery and I just had to give it a go. Sure its a little hot for an Aussie winter, but I am Norwegian and I love being prepared for anything! And it truly is such a fabulous piece to wear every time it is a bit nippy! You are good with a little tee under this baby! The wool has got your back! Literally speaking!

When the sun had set and it was time to head home, we decided it was the perfect night to go out for goulash soup, a soup Chris and I have eaten in every country we have been (And found the Alps to have the best one... of course! It was - 25 degrees and snowing on new years day and we were moving to Italy with our 2 dogs and we had been in the car all day, taken a hugely wrong turn and was pretty much driving in the snowy alps blinded by snowflakes! I guess it tasted so good because  we were relieved to be alive!) and the goulash we found was superb, and we all enjoyed sitting outside and feel the chill a bit more.

I hope you like this little sunset adventure,
It was a great chance for me to play with photography a little. I always like the time to do that <3

Happy mid week
xxx Karianne

Miss W is wearing 

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