Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I made this blogpost a little while ago, and now... the storm that has gone all across NSW has taken the whole beach away from us and left so much destruction. It made me feel all kinds of feels, coming across these pictures and these words, as our beach may not be back for a long time... 
I hope you will enjoy <3 

I took Miss W to the beach and told her to dance like nobody was watching because some chilly days just require you to get out and twirl and giggle! The sand is so nice and warm from the sun, even on the chilliest days. The beach truly is the remedy for most things. I love just sitting at the beach and feeling the sand through my fingers and reflect on life; gazing at the horizon and pondering everything underneath the sun. The sun and the sky, the ocean and the sand just puts me right back in a place of perspective: I'm small. Like a grain of sand. The whole world does not rest on my shoulders. And then I regain focus on what this life is all about:: Them. It is all about them. The two little people we created and gave life. I have been so blessed to be able to stray home with them every day of their life, and now... Now it seems like it is time for us to change the course as both kids want to start school and pre-school, and even though we were planning on unschooling, and will in a heartbeat if they will let us, we wont hold them back. So this might be my last year with the two of them and I will try to make all these days count, like we have up until now. 
Someone told me when they were little that the days would feel long but the years would be short so try to slow it down and take it all in... And I have. I have held on to these babies from the day they were born and I will for ever. But, I can't stop them from growing up to become who they are destined to be: I can only guide them and help them along the way. And so that's what I will do. If school is what they choose, I will back them up with all I have. But I shall miss them and their closeness, but I hope this will somehow bring us all even closer <3

Thoughts /// Karianne 

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