Sunday, 12 June 2016


This was such a fun day! We had a mother and son day, Mr L and I. So much joy to spend some quality time together!
We went to a little town nearby which has a beautiful lake and some cool trendy cafés. We went scouting for classic urban playgrounds, watching the pelicans and just fool around at the playground. We stopped for lunch and a babyccino for Leon at one of my favourites cafés. Mr L loves the babyccino. Its just milkfroth with chocolate powder on top, in a small espresso cup. I’m surprised it’s not so popular in Scandinavia yet. That’s the only way you can sit down for 15 min at a café with Mr L. He is at the age now where he does not want to sit still at all, and needs something to keep him occupied. 

It was so entertaining to shoot Mr L in his super cute outfit from LOUD APPAREL. The garments are so cool and fun.  During the day there was many people who stopped us - from old ladies walking the dog, to the hipster guys who said he is just the cutest and everyone just said he had the coolest outfit ever!  It made  me really proud! To dress your kids in LOUD APPAREL it’s definitely going to make them stand out in a crowd!

LOUD is a London based brand by the Italian designer Serena Di Scalzo. She wants to translate the edgy London street style that they have in Womens and Menswear, into a children brand. The name says it all, like she says her self “The children are LOUD” and even if it’s minimal.
The design is minimal shapes with monochromatic schemes and they always add a hint of a strong colour in their collections. This season it’s red!
The new collection is dedicated to Alice in Wonderland “Where is Alice” it has lively cards symbols printed on the fabric.
Leon got to try out the Meris Hooded top and the Monet pants. I love the details of the pants they have the own smiley symbol on them.
The sneakers its from Mr L favourite brand tip top Joey! The best jumping runners ever!

Wish you all a great day exploring   xxx Ingrid

Ingrid is a children's photographer located in the gorgeous coastal NSW. 
She is a regular contributor to the FWC blog. 
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Mr L is wearing
Loud Apparel Meris Hooded top
Loud Apparel Monet pants

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