Friday, 17 June 2016


Hi loves!
Here we continue on with learning to ride our little tokyobike! Learning to ride a bike is such a huge milestone and I sitll remember when I first learned to ride a bike, so the first days of Miss W's biking adventures, I followed her around with a camera to capture some of these moments. Yep, I got a lot of expressions and a lot of cute looks as she learned new things and overcame certain fears. I hope she will remember how much fun we had in this learning experience! More tokybike (( here ))
And at the same time as Miss W's bike arrived, HUXBABY has landed all around and as always the softest organic cotton, this time in QUILTED double layer quality!! Perfect for learning to ride a bike on chilly autumn days. Those quilted trackies are so soft, thick and warm and just the perfect amount of baggy bottoms and skinny leg! HUXBABY is the masters of unisex clothing for kids 0-5 and I would love to tell you that this brand is one of my favourite favourites! I have been lucky enough to witness how HUXBABY has gone from being a teeny tiny little brand to growing roots all around the world and being represented by some of the best agents and stores around! Jen has an amazing eye for detail but also she cares about the environment and the people who make these gorgeous pieces: Ethically made and delicious cotton for your little loves? yes please!!

Miss W adores the HUXBABY bears and the quilted bear is her favourite!
The fact that huxbaby brought KNITS to the table this season, was a major move and a welcomed one at that: The monochrome bear knitted jumper and scarf has gotten so popular its almost sold out everywhere! Miss W has the super cuddly knitted scarf, but it seems winter is never arriving in NSW so we have yet to wear it, but trust me when I say you will be seeing it later. It is sooo well made!! All the heart eyes!
Romper stomper kids sorted Miss W out with her most favourite vans to date, and they even matched her outfit and bike like it was meant to be! I never thought I'd have a pink loving little girl, but I guess it couldn't be helped. She is JUST like her momma!

As my little sweetie now is a biker, you will be seeing her gorgeous little Tokyobike all the time! She loves practising in the neighbourhood and she loves to go for little rides down to the beach. So wonderful to see your children learn new talents and to keep trying even if something seems a little scary or overwhelming at first ~ you can't be brave without having fear!

Have a fun and inspiring week loves
And don't forget your helmets! Ours is by Triple 8 from SkateXS 

/// Karianne

Miss W is wearing

And riding her

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  1. Oh, this amazing fearless girl! She is almost too pretty for words. And the bike? Perfect!