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Hello peeps! I’m just rushing by to have a quick word with you all about Gardner and the Gang. Rushing because we’re enjoying real summer-weather in Stockholm this week and I don’t want to miss it – but yesterday, when we went on a picnic, I took these photos of Mr. W and his friend Miss M and I realized that I had a lot to say about this particular brand. (I’m surprised that I haven’t been raving about this already).
Gardner and the Gang is an amazing kids fashion brand, stationed in Singapore. It has held strong for four years now and not only is it fun and colorful - two of my favorite qualities in kids-wear this season - but it also packs a strong message. Kristin Nystrom, the Swedish founder, draws all prints herself and she has always made characters with fantastic stories to tell. The original art is then
turned into screens and screen-printed on soft (OCS certified) organic cotton with fantastic result. Bottom line; I've always liked Gardner and the Gang. And then they dropped SS16's collection "The land of no difference"; with its important message about friendship - and that 'like'; turned into pure LOVE.See, when you order items from the current collection you also get anotecard with this little story:
Pete is a pony who loves scuba diving. In fact, it is all he ever talks about. Some might think that this pony is a little bit different. Pete does not care about that, he loves scuba and proudly stands up for it. He is always himself. Gertrude is a very cool giraffe with a looooooong neck. She proves that standing out from the crowd is not a negative. She carries her height with confidence and grace and is the kindest Giraffe you ever did see. Pete and Gertrude play on the beach in the land of no difference every day.
// This is the story of unlikely friendships being formed, about being openminded, standing out from the background and about accepting each other for who we are; I almost shed a tear when I read it. I mean, think about it; if all parents taught their kids to be as accepting as Pete and Gertrude, the world would be a different place in a big way.
To me there are few things in life as important as friendship. To be a friend, to show kindness without expecting anything in return and to allow others (and yourself) to be different from the norm - these
are all such important life-lessons. And it's my job as a mother to teach Mr W this. It's up to me to equip him with the skills to be kind and make friends and it is not always easy. In fact, a lot of adults fail in these basic acts of kindness and we could probably all use a reminder.
I got a true reminder this spring when I bought the first Gardner and the Gang-item of the season because there is no brand that understands the basics of friendship the way that they do and they
are really proving it with ss16.

I am thankful that my four year-old has such great friends already. True friends are something you can never get enough of and with social media and internet he has friends all over the globe. But it’s also very important to treat the people you don’t know with respect and kindness. Especially those who are different from you because honestly; aren’t we all just a little different?
Mr. W and Miss M had a great day (the photos with Mr W on his bike are from the day before) and I can’t get enough of their smiling faces. In my heart I hope that he never grows out of the ability to have fun like this and that summer will bring us plenty of days like this one.

Much love from a sunny Sweden!
xxx Linn

Ps. Any day now, Gardner and the Gang will launch a limited collab called “the Lions Heart collection” together with Jamie King! The sneak peeks look amazing. For more info about that launch, check out Gardner and the Gang’s own instagram feed.

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