Thursday, 26 May 2016


Hi lovely ones. I have been going through some serious emotions lately as my dad has been very ill and life has been put into perspective. I have really been reflecting on how I can make this blog a positive and inspiring hub for you mamas, where we can mix both love for ethically manufactured children's fashion, but also parenting and mama love and parent empowering. If there is ONE thing I have learned as a mom it is that ALL mothers are insecure about one thing or another when it comes to raising their children. We all feel all the feels. So I think you can expect a little bit of a change on the blog. A bit more thoughts and reflections, but still with the same dose of children's fashion ~ because I do love amazing and inspirational mamas and papas who design and make clothes in a kind way: kind to the earth and kind to the people making them is the only way to go in my opinion - and two brands who are all about the manufacturing being kind, is Zuttion (for the boys) and The Story Of (for the girls). Both brands belong to the Zuttion family: Mama Kukuh and papa Pete lives, designs and manufacture their beautiful high quality clothing in Bali, where they also live with their two little boys.
I love that I can dress my children in clothing that contributes to building and growing a beautiful place like Bali: Its like the clothes arrive with their own doze of feel good vibes.

Miss W immediately picked out the TSO Edie knitted Jumper and when it arrived she cuddled it for the longest time before putting it on. It is just the softest knit jumper EVER. She feels like the snuggliest little teddybear in this sweater. And the colours are so beautiful. It worked really well on top of the Bo dress from I dig denim ~ full of Stoney Clover Lane fabric patches .
Mr C picked out the Zuttion paradiso jumper and he could honestly live in this (and most likely would if only autumn could arrive and not stay at a constant 25-35 degrees. Truly our summer is never ending this year. Which is wonderful but if you are a scandinavian like myself who loves layering... well, I kinda miss that!)  But we got by matching this cool hoodie with I dig denims black soho shorts. The soho model is out personal favourite denim shorts ever. They have just the perfect amount of stretch and the right amount of swag!
Cal also got to wear his FRESH Maa fort myers cuero velvet to match. These kicks are in a league of their own. The leather is just so soft, the sole is so comfortable, the shoe is cushioned and lined with the softest leather ever. There was never a children's shoe that fitted Mr C's colourful personality better.

So there we have it: Ethically made from top to toe.
That too, totally comes with super good vibes.

I hope you will enjoy our little sunset adventure. Sadly, we arrived a little too early and by the time the sun set, the kids were knackered and definitely not willing to stand still for a picture, but just to brag, I added a capture of how amazing the sunset was this lovely evening.

xoxox Karianne and the lovebugs.

Mr C is wearing
Miss W is wearing 
Full of 

ZUTTION           ___________

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  1. Willows knitted sweater is gorgeous! Älskar dina bilder vid havet.