Sunday, 8 May 2016


Hi dear friends. Hoping you all had a wonderful mothers day! <3 
This pf course also means that well and truly, winter is arriving in the southern hemisphere and we decided to rug up in the softest of Autumn/Winter collection this wonderful afternoon. The sunsets in the colder months are just mind blowing over here, and I can't wait for the winter to properly set in. Such a favourite time of year ~ as long as we have warm clothes and accessories, we're good! And as always, we are outside! It's a Scandinavian thing. We don't mind the weather, just let us be outdoors!
At this time of year, we wear tees and shorts all day long, but when the chilly winds start picking up around sunset, it very quickly gets much more comfortable to wear long pants and a big soft sweater. Lucky as he is, this little dude got to dress up in Sudo's AW16 collection 'one of a kind', which features the softest cotton pieces, and that velocity jacket, with the softest ever faux sherpa lining... Eeeeep! Total Kurt vibes! 

The ICON jeans (black dust) came rolled up to give them that wrinkly crinkly look, which I happen to love, so I saved the rope for when its been washed, so I can continue having this texture in the jeans. The jeans have a great fit, skinny dude fit, but roomy enough to move freely! I have always loved Sudo's jeans with their super durable denim and signature perforated leather white patch on the lining in the back. It gives the jeans a cool and trendy punch. Cal picked out the granite coloured quilted bionic crew sweater as he loved the stripes on the back. Me, I loved the quilting, but further more, I LOVE the quality in this piece. The fabric is such a super soft brushed cotton, that you can tell by a single touch that this was made by a high end brand that truly takes quality and comfort seriously. 
And then that Velocity jacket... All the heart eyes for this warm and soft cuddly snuggly winter coat, which features so many cool details: Big pockets, velcro straps on the sleeves to keep them snug around the wrists, air holes under the arms... The works, but the sherpa lining... Ah, I could sleep on it! The colour combination is perfection and Sudo's boy collection truly kicks it out of the ballpark in the dude department: This brand is a must for any trendy and active little dude. They have also just launched their active wear collection, which sports (pun intended) some amazing pieces your child can wear when they are training and keeping active, like shell jackets and shorts with leggings. Too cool! Check here for more on the Active collection 

I hope you will love our little sunset adventure :: I can only guarantee more sunrise and sunset adventures in the months forwards as we truly enjoy it so much. 
For tell me, what can really beat a sunset walk in the sea breeze? 

Happy weekend loves
Xxx Karianne

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