Wednesday, 11 May 2016


The children (and I) hadn't seen the 1940's cartoon of Alice in Wonderland, so when this collection dropped, I sat the kids down and we all watched the movie together. We all loved it! The recently retouched version is crazy good! It was flawless! I actually had a chat to Serena from Loud Apparel as she as in the middle of designing this collection and she was wondering if she should use the word "bonkers" or "mad" or "crazy" And I rooted for 'Crazy" as I think Crazy is a more playful word, I call my kids "crazy monkeys" "crazy bananas" all the time. It's a word that doesn't mean insane any more... it means "playful" and "wild" And I love this collection! The outfit Cal is wearing is so good that his 20 year old pals kept saying how they wished they could get this collection in their size! The shorts are BAR NONE my favourites ever! I love that they are plain and straight forwards in the front, and that they have the artworks on the back. It's so special and so fresh! They truly compliment this little BMX riders personality so well! The same print as the backside of the super soft organic cotton shorts, also in all over on his super soft cotton sweater. And the words "We are all crazy here" on his amazing tee. The way the prints have been done this time around makes them flawless wash after wash! Cal is also wearing Loud Apparel socks and cap. Yep, top to toe decked in one of our ALL TIME favourite ORGANIC cotton brands from London! 

I hope you will love this collection as much as Cal does! <3
All the love /// Karianne 


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Mr C is wearing

Miss W is wearing
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