Saturday, 14 May 2016


Hi everyone!
Our favourite season is here in the land of the sun! Autumn! So lovely to finally be able to get dressed up again and to wear a beanie and a hoodie:)
I took Mr L down to our favourite little beach and café. We were a little early so the café was still closed. Mr L got to run around and play along at the beautiful veranda! A fun playground for a little toddler!  He is at the age were he loves to climb up and down on everything! I really have to watch him all times. He loves to jump down on things and he got very proud to sit on the high bench by himself and look out over the ocean.
Afterwards we went down to the beach underneath and Mr L found a big stick to draw in the sand with. He loves drawing and now he has learned to say the word ’Måla’ which means painting in Swedish.
During the time we were out it became too hot and suddenly some chilly winds, so he got both undressed in just the pants and doubled layered up in hoodies in the same hour.
Mr L got to get dressed up in some really cute basics from the Canadian label Luvmother! Made from the very best Canadian Merino wool! And they are so soft, nothing like the old school woolly jumpers my grandma used to knit me, which used to itch in my neck. Yes- this wool is unbelievably nice and soft on their bodies! 
Luvmothers clothes are made from premium traceable materials, that feels heavenly next to your skin and they are ethically made and as well the garments are made to last long, so you can hand them down.  Even on their tags is space for a few kids to write their names down. If just feels so good to buy great quality clothes that last and are environmentally friendly.
After a while it became a bit chilly wind and Mr L put on a big warm hoodie from Echoline's new winter range and it’s made from super soft French Terry. The hood is lined with a contrasting colour blue, as are the pockets and cuffs.  If you like a bit of twinning with your kids the slouch beanie it’s available in adult size as well! Echoline is another ethical friendly business, based and designed in Bali by a creative Fly in fly out miner wife. A indonisian man Yono makes the clothes at his home! When he gets a big order, all his family helps out!
And of course Leon is wearing his favourite shoes from Tip Top Joey! They are just the best shoes for little feet! Very soft and he loves to jump around in them!
Hope your enjoying your Autumn days as well!
xxx Ingrid

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Mr L is wearing 
 (in part 1) Aha hoody heather grey 
both from Luvmother
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