Monday, 11 April 2016


Oh my darlings, you know those days where most things happen to go a little bit crooked all day and all you wanted still happenes in the end? Well, this was definitely one of those days .. we were heading to our favourite beach in Port Stephens, to play and eat gelato and shoot some of our favourite Nico Nico ss16 pieces. 
Nico Nico has such a beautiful and sweet collection this season, I truly wanted a gorgeous place to match the soft flowing skirt and sheer hemp tops, and Port Stephens would be perfect for this... white sandy beaches, swaying palms and beautiful docks... but as we had only been there on a whim once before, we truly had no idea where we were going.. so I put 'Port Stephens' in the gps and off we went.  When we finally, after a small eternity, got to the dot on the map... it was not the beautiful spot we wanted. In fact it was pretty dull and far far away from the a c t u a l Port Stephens. I wanted to cry after such a long drive to the very wrong place, but the kids were asleep in their seats and I took a deep breath and we asked someone where to go. We ended up being sent to Hawks Nest, 2 hours away from where we had initially intended to go, yet, this beautiful beautiful beach which almost seem like the end of the world even if it of course is not the end of anywhere, seemed to be the perfect place for us to explore and play during sunset. Rawer. Wilder. And breathtaking. 
The kids had just woken up, with all the emotions that follows, and the air was cool, so the kids kept warm in their new Little Pilots jumpers. These sweet knits are made from surplus yarns that has already been spun and dyed by other producers as to minimise waste. The result is soft and durable cotton knits. The rain had just fallen so the sand was icy cold in the beginning but then we got to the waters edge and the warm sea washed over our feet and warmed our bodies right up. 
It was such a beautiful evening. The sunset was lovely, the sky looked like cotton candy and my sweet little buddies were having the best time playing and play fighting under the new moon.

After a while we got dressed and headed to the local pub for pizza and hung around till way past bedtime before we continued our long and peaceful journey back home.

I hope you will enjoy the beauty of the raw Hawks Nest. It was definitely a road trip to remember, and you know, the things you don't expect always make for the fondest memories if only you let them.

All the best
Xxx Karianne

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