Monday, 4 April 2016


Now my favourite season has come to Australia! The Autumn! It’s so nice to start to put on a pair of long pants and to wear boots again. It’s still warm enough to wear T-shirts and light clothes in the middle of the day, in fact, the Australian Winter reminds me of the Scandinavian Summer. Some days a bit chilly and some days hot,but now the sun is not as strong, and you can finally be outside all day long and explore.

Iglo & Indi is a really artistic and cool children’s brand from Iceland. Founded by the fashion designer Helga Ólafsdóttir, they were nominated as the best new children’s fashion label at Little London Awards. The beautiful soft organic GOTS certified cotton pieces are all unisex, and manufactured ethically in Portugal.
These are perfect clothes for the Australian Autumn.
Mr L tried out four amazing outfits from Iglo & Indi; with the really cute hand drawn illustrations of a cute Panda, a sweet Koala, a beautiful Puffin and a cool Fox. It’s awesome that the panda clothes are coming with a panda Tattoo on their tags! 
Iglo & Indi are all about the small details and children’s creativity!
Mr L went down to our favourite local beach and was playing around with his guitar, feeding the pelicans and tried to capture some pictures of the birds with his little wooden camera!
How cute isn’t the Koala outfit?!
The fabric is so nice and soft it will work great to play in all day or they are also nice and cozy to sleep in at night.

Little Leon also loves a lot of running around in his cool new lion shoes from Feiyue!! They are the cutest sneakers! On the tongue is a lion head and you can open up his mouth and he will show you his roar! Leon loves this. They are originally from Shanghai but lately they are designed in France. The name means ‘Flying Forward’ and that’s exactly what little mr L does in his new sneakers, run so fast as a lion! Head over to one of the top childrens-footwear specialist stores, Romper Stomper Kids, they offer all the Feiyue styles, even the baby shoes, as well as so many other wonderful brands, from 10is, MAA, Tip Toey Joey to mention a few of the classic and well known brands you can source here.

I hope you will enjoy this little adventure and maybe find some new treasures to love.

xxx Ingrid

Mr L is wearing 

Blue shoes Tip Top Joey
(more about TTJ coming very soon)
Yellow gumboots from French Soda.

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