Friday, 15 April 2016


It is paradise to live here in Australia! So many beautiful beaches and the best of all, you can find an empty beach on a weekday just a few minutes away from our little surf village! If that beach would have been back home in Europe it would have been absolutely crowded and here you can pick a beach. The great thing is about all the beaches here has the special character to them.
I wanted to make this weekday feel like a little holiday in Paradise! I took Mr L with me to a local beach just 15 min away from our place and there you can buy fresh coconuts in the café; just like in a holiday! Yes it’s true, I have to pinch my self in the arm sometimes to understand how nice it is to live here!  Mr L loves the healthy coco milk ! He drink it so fast.  It become very popular to drink coco water here in Australia and we buy it all the time. So yummy and good for you! And Watermelon feels like summer to me as well! Leon Loves it and get all messy, but that’s just what kids do.
Mr L starts to be at that age where he recognise what he wears and he has his own will about what he wants to wear or not. He loves the colourful birds and really enjoys wearing the clothes and says where is the ostrich head? The prints are really fun and playful and they are illustrated by the talented Tess Callerik who is designing prints for some of Swedens’ top Designers in women fashion.
Mr L had the pleasure of give the cool and colourful vulture T-shirt from stockholm/london brand; Tao & Friends a test run. The swedish duo Mimmi and Selina behind the brand, has very sweet core values; their aim is not only to dress kids in ethical organic cotton clothing but to help children in need as well. They give €1 for each item of clothing sold, to charity. Every year they will introduce you to a new ‘friend’. Someone who has been through a lot and touched their hearts. I love their way of thinking.
The clothes are like a lot of Swedish brands, unisex and everyone can feel welcome to the Tao & Friends family. In the first collection they designed great Tees and warm sweatshirts and sweatpants perfect for a autumn day at the beach and rompers  for the tiny friends. Another great thing is their amazing quality. At the moment they are available at several online retail stores. 
I hope you have had a wonderful summer if you are in the southern hemisphere and wish you a wonderful one, if you are just in the early days of spring time! 

All the best xxx Ingrid 

Mr L is wearing

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  1. He is completely gorgeous, Ingrid! And what a beautiful setting.