Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Heya, folks. How was your weekend? We spent the sunny days off skateboarding in the empty kiddy pool close to our house and for a while there we even had t-shirt weather. Mr W and his buddies had a great time. A couple of scrapes and bumps of course but also loads and loads of laughter. We paused for some tasty organic pizza from a local wood-fired pizza place but other than that the kids played for hours with the boards. 
It’s fun to see how serious the kid is about teaching his younger buddy, S, how to skate. I mean, he’s still learning himself (he still has a looong way to go) yet he keeps giving pointers on what to do and how to stand in order not to fall. He always says that he really doesn't want siblings but I still think he’d be a great big brother. An overbearing and annoying one, maybe, but still.
Now, while Mr W takes a well-deserved rest, I wanted to talk to you about the Swedish organic brand Koolabah – a favorite of mine that keeps pumping out amazing collections. Their style is some kind of Scandinavian and Japanese mishmash and it has always been innovative and unique. Every item is fun and edgy and a brand with the core values; "humor, respect and attitude" will always score high points in my book.
This year's spring/summer line-up is probably their best collection so far. I mean, how can you not love balloon animals in monochrome? Popcorn pattern knee socks, buckets of pastel and the Loco pants with their crazy pattern? It was all love at first sight, I tell you. The best part is that Mr W loves their stuff just as much as I do. Most days he doesn't care much about what he is wearing; he just wants to be comfortable – but when I bring out stuff from Koolabah the items are always well received. Especially the t-shirt with the ice cream print, it's so soft and the color is perfect.
Koolabah focuses on functionality and ergonomics and it shows in the final product. The hooded sweater returns with a new print every season and it is a staple in Mr W’s closet because the size of the hood is just right. But a new favorite of mine is the bow print pants that his buddy Miss M wears. Thin and light with a tapered leg, they also have this amazing pocket on the back for ice cream money. And how about that black Polka dress? I almost wish they had it in my size. 
I just can’t find anything wrong with Koolabah’s SS16. Well, apart from the fact that I wish the collection was even larger. So I will probably return with a part 2 from this amazing brand but for now the kid is yelling about ice cream which means we're heading out again. You just have to go with it when the weather is this beautiful and right now a big scoop of frozen yoghurt sounds delicious.

You can get all these amazing Koolabah SS16 pieces from our friends at Ziggy's (( here )) 

Big hugs from Sweden!

To purchase, head to

Mr W is wearing
Beau Loves cap
Nike sneakers

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