Thursday, 21 April 2016


Hi friends!
I know you have probably been wondering where our MUNSTER KIDS AW16 post has been hiding, and all I can say is that its simply been TOO HOT here in the land of oz for pants and long sleeves! Its been 25-30 degree days for weeks and these amazing autumn/winter clothes, perfectly suited for the miiild aussie winters, have had to stay tucked away until... until this weekend when the sun decided to take a well earned break and we got to go on a little autumn walk to admire the beautiful hibiscus and that fresh world smell that comes after a rain shower. It was divine.

Lilo is of course the luckiest girl in the world who has the -bar none- best bomber jacket of the season! Seriously, not only is the floral bomber gorgeous, it is also the best fit ever! her shoulders look so sharp and it is perfectly filled and perfectly cut. We matched the bomber jacket with the floral print trackies because... well, why not? They compliment eachother flawlessly and these  trackies are so soft!! They are cotton but have a modal feel to them. Divine!! The Angel tee fits her perfectly! She truly is an angel.. sometimes of the fearsome kind (read: threenager and at times a bit scary to be honest!). She also wore her favourite kicks of the season, the black Ten C 10IS from Romper stomper. I can't get them of her feet as she just loves them so much. But more about that soon :)

Cal got to dress up in the windbreaker/ raincoat of his dreams: The spray it olive jacket has monster teeth all the way. The quality is of course amazing and Mr C can't wait for some more rain! Thank goodness for that little drizzle while we were out!
The Cruz 3  model has a much softer, but still highly durable, fabric than last season so if you wished them softer, here they are! They look exactly the same as before, which is great as I think the Cruz
pant is bar none: our favourite baggy pants fit! The bagginess ( that even a word??) isn't too generous so we size up as we like a bit of extra bagginess! Love the bolted tee as it is definitely something you could see the BMX kids in our neighbourhood wear (they are 13-14) and paired with his vintage Munster Kids cap and Vans gumsole kicks... he looks almost 10! (but he is only 5.5)

The kids made a new little friend who lives on a log, and also got to squeeze in a trip to monkey mania, Luna park in the city and a local ANZAC day memorial visit ( see the bottom of the post for some weekend memories), so this was definitely a weekend to remember!
I hope the coming weekend will be just as fun!
Enjoy yours!!

All the best
/// Karianne

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...In our weekender-bag of memories... 

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