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Hello my dear readers.
I hope this post will find you in a most colourful mood, or in the need of colours and sunshine, as I am beyond excited to be featuring this amazing brand on my blog again.
The MASTERS of SUSTAINABLE children's fashion, may I even call them the PIONEERS there of, are back with an amazing and sweet Spring/Summer collection of 2016.
Mini Rodini was the beginning of my love affair for sustainable and ethically manufactured children's wear: back in 2010 there just wasn't much available in organic cotton, and the pieces that were was pretty basic and uninteresting. Mini Rodini was one of the brands that stood out. I absolutely loved their colour choices and highly durable fabrics. What a difference 5 years can bring! Now you can get so many amazing and fun organic pieces, that caters to your child's personality and individuality.
We are truly evolving peeps. I firmly believe children's fashion is in the forefront when it comes to responsible manufacturing policies and can't wait till the rest of the fashion world follows suit - They could just look to Mini Rodini to see that anything is possible ::  You see, making earth friendly fashion costs a pretty penny: and instead of focusing on building their riches, Mini Rodini continues to strive for even better materials. I wonder if hemp will be next on their list of sustainable materials? Mini Rodini presents a collection full of colours and magic this season, with colour schemes of soft pinks, greens, blues and some black, and as usual, a part of their range is made from recycled polyester and polyamide pieces, like the swimsuits and caps, and organic cotton/ recycled polyester shoes! They just keep taking their collections to the next level - which is not only inspirational, it is admirable.

Living by the ocean, we take 3 for the sea every time we are out, which means we are picking up at least 3 pieces of rubbish and bin it so it won't reach the ocean. It is a common responsibility to care for our world, and even if some people might not care it is even more important that you who do care, take a little action: and it is so simple to teach the kids these good habits; every time we are out we pick up 3 pieces each, that is 9 pieces, that won't reach the sea.
The fact that Miss W's swimsuit is made from residual fishnets, is so rewarding to us. Knowing that these pieces are in fact helping the marine life, how amazing is that? ((read more about this below))
I matched Lilo's swimsuit, space cap and spot sneakers with her new Nico Nico organic cotton skirt and VIOLA! The sweetest little outfit ever! Mr C wore all organic and recycled as well and his MR T-rex tee and T-rex cap were matched with his Nico Nico denim shorts. We were just hanging out at our local beach and the kids had a go at different things at the little fair that arrives our little surf town every school holiday. They were both working on perfecting their trampoline skills, Mr C was aiming to do a double salto (he managed!) and Miss W was trying to do one salto, but she is still not heavy enough to push herself over with the heavy harness. But they did awesome and kept on trying. Miss W had her Teddybear as an audience. He was hanging out in her dolls stroller wearing her Mini Rodini Sunglasses. Cutest!!

We sourced all our favourite Mini Rodini pieces from the beautiful online destination, @thechildhoodstore  who stocks some of the best brands in the children's fashion world, like
Rylee and Cru, Tiny Cottons,Feather Drum, Beau loves to mention a few of the brands you can source here.

I hope you will love this little post from our beautiful town

All the best /// Karianne

Extra special shoes facts::
The cotton fabric used in these sneakers is both GOTS and Fairtrade certified. GOTS is the strictest certification for organic materials used on the market today. The certification includes rigid controls of, for example, chemical use, salaries and working conditions. The Fairtrade certification ensures, among other things, that the cotton farmers who produce the cotton used to make the fabric for these shoes have fair working- and living conditions. The farmers have a right to be paid a minimum price for their cotton even if the price on the global market varies.
The rubber used in these shoes is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and the shoes are also 100 % vegan. The FSC certification ensures that the rubber used in both the inner and outer sole is made of natural rubber deriving from sustainable and non-threatened rubber plantations. The fact that the shoes are 100 % vegan means that no fats, oils, glue or dyes deriving from the animal kingdom are used in the manufacturing process. The rubber producers and the factories that sew and assemble the shoes are also part of a unique social fair trade system that ensures fair working conditions and social justice for the employees. This system gives the employees similar rights and premiums as the Fairtrade certification for cotton.

Extra special swimwear facts::
This swimsuit is made of 78 % recycled polyamide, which has been manufactured by using mostly residual fishnets, old carpets and clothes. Over 600 000 metric tons of fishnets end up in the world’s oceans each year and everything from dolphins to seals and smaller fish get caught in these abandoned nets. The nets drift with the strong currents and scrape the bottom surface, destroying the coral reefs of the oceans. These reefs are essential to the survival and health of both the world’s oceans and human beings.
The swimsuit is made of yarn that has been spun using what is collected from these drifting garbage patches, melted down and recycled into materials that can be used to make new clothes. This sustainable swimsuit is part of the process that helps clean up the world’s oceans.

And just so you know that Mini Rodini are committed to a more sustainable future and friendly productions, you could take the time to read the Mini Rodini CSR I promise you it is worth your time. 

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