Sunday, 24 April 2016


The place where we live is like a dream come true. The smell of the sea greets you in the mornings, the sand warms your toes on a sunny day, the ocean mist walks you home in the evenings, alongside the smell of food and sound of the people enjoying themselves. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe I am actually living here and raising my children in this gorgeous place. It is also a bit funny how the months are different here, something I may never get used to.. how july is one of the coldest months over here... how strange is that? December and february are generally the warmest... It will take me some getting used to! But as we are now in April, that means springtime is creeping closer in the northern hemisphere, while here in the southern hemisphere we are getting ready to embrace chillier days and layer up. I love to layer up! Gimme all the boots, scarves, hats and not to mention, WOOL!

As a Scandinavian, I have grown up surrounded by nature and often times harsh weather, and that is when the importance of good quality fabrics get undeniably essential. Wools natural fibres are incredible for keeping you warm and dry in winter and we grow up layering with wool from inner to out. Wool underwear to chunky wool knits.  All natural fabrics will be warmer and safer to wear than any synthetics, and this is a huge reason why Scandinavian design is so earthy and our quality so good. The main player in any Scandinavian wardrobe during the colder months is wool.
Luvmother is a friendly Canadian brand that uses the softest and most gentle merino wool as their main thread. Wool is just such a fantastic raw material and I can assure you that this merino wool is not the grandma-kitted-jumpers kind of wool that prickles and itches. No no, this merino wool feels like silk to the skin and it will provide you with warmth in the winter and equally keep you cool in the summer. These tees are thin like any cotton or linen tee, but in the winter they will still keep you nice and toasty. It's almost like magic... Only better... it's real!
What a stroke of genius it is to create a children's clothing line made up of basics in fine merino wool! The basics can be mixed and matched with a whole range of other styles and colours. The fabric isn't much thicker than a fine linen shirt and you can rest assure that your child will be comfortable and dry in these pieces.
Wool is also very easy to maintain: It doesn't really get dirty and it doesn't smell!
(remember this when you get your husband those fathers-day socks! hehe)
Today Mr C lost a fork with blueberry/raspberry and strawberry jam on Miss W's light grey wool tee, and I found it 10 minutes later, added a little water and pretty much just rubbed it off with my fingers. The tee was immediately dry and ready to wear again. Flawlessly! You couldn't even see that I had just put water on it. It just pretty much peeled of! The powers of wool. Like I said. It's just like magic.

For this little local adventure, we met little Leon and the kids all had a play down at the haven in the windy/ sunny weather, and they were all just beautifully tempered in their Luvmother merino wool matched with the coolest Munster kids SS16 threads and with shoes game superstrong!
Mr L in his flashy red Tip Toey Joey's that he just adores and Miss W just got to try the cutest ever 10IS kicks and they are truly incredible shoes! More about them, and Munster SS16 coming very soon so stay tuned <3

I hope you will give these merino pieces a go as you head into the warmer or cooler days of the year.
Truly. You will be amazed!

All the best for the new seasons
/// Karianne

To purchase or lern more about this fine merino wool,
please head to LUVMOTHER for more info


Mr C is wearing:

Miss W wears

Mr L is wearing
both from Luvmother


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