Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Tuchinda is a high end luxury children's wear brand from New York. The designer, Tina Tuchinda, began making children's clothing after the birth of her son, Hunter. "I quickly realized there weren’t enough options for what I loved.  With a background in fashion design, I decided I would make his clothes myself.  By the time Hunter was 6 months old, I was quietly creating clothing for him while he slept at night.  Soon after, I was sewing and designing day and night for Hunter and his friends" Tina predominantly use fabrics from Europe and Japan, including organic fabrics whenever possible. Her highly sophisticated details and pattern manipulation, sewing techniques, fabrics and colours are not easily found in children's wear.  "I believe children’s clothes should be multicultural wearable art.  Tuchinda also reflects all that I loved from my travels abroad.  I was most influenced by three places, Milan, Paris, and Japan. In Milan, I was intrigued by the sophisticated way they mixed multiple colors and prints in the same outfit.  In Paris, I became obsessed with the nonchalant chic attitude towards dressing.  In Tokyo, I embraced the “cool” break away from all that is normal seen in their street wear and their avant-garde designs.  I try to combine all of these elements in my collections"  

I love dressing Miss W in feminine and beautiful pieces and when I first saw this incredible little jumpsuit by Tuchinda, I just knew Miss W would love it! I fell in love with the feminine cut, the embroideries and the sweet little details on the pockets and back. Then the suit arrived and I was just taken away by the quality and the beautiful soft cotton fabric. Instant heirloom piece! I know this timeless and gorgeous jumpsuit will stay in our family for generations to come. Miss W loves to dress up just as much as she loves to climb around and get her little hands and feet dirty, so everything I ever get for her needs to be durable and high quality but also cannot ever compromise movement. The Aurora jumpsuit ticks all the boxes! 
The rock pools just a stone throw away from our place, are always a fabulous spot to take her for a little adventure. She loves playing with shells and collecting broken glass in all the colours, and searching the rock pools for fish and crabs to study (and save) and to see how many rock pools she can jump across. The whole way (skateboarding) there and back people were commenting on her outfit (and skateboarding skills) which made her feel so happy and proud (and today she is still up for skateboarding to town which is so lovely after weeks of her scooting!) 

I love that I am raising such a confident and secure little girl. There simply is nothing she cannot do and if there is she will always try to find a way! Girls are such magical little beings. So soft and gentle, so fierce and strong! I am so grateful she is mine! 

I hope you will love these little captures in the jumpsuit of the season. 
So bohemian, So French. So pretty. So beyond beautiful.

all the love /// Karianne 

Miss W is wearing


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