Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Hi guys! How is your spring/autumn happening so far?
We here in the land of OZ has begun our colder months and you peeps in the northern hemisphere has finally gotten to the point where life feels lighter and the days feel a bit brighter and (dare I say it?) your mood as well.... I love springtime in Europe. But in Australia, I love autumn. And one of my favourite things about autumn here, is that we get to run around in newly released spring summer collections months before the northern hemisphere can really pull it off yet... you know, because it's most likely still nippy for another month or more... Here the days get shorter, but the best thing about autumn is that mid ways... we can begin being out ALL day again. I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but in Australia, you should not be out in the sun between 11 am and 3pm due to the NO OZONE LAYER buiz! Now imagine coming from one of the worlds darkest places (eg. Norway) where every time there is a glimmer of sunshine growing up, you are hounded outside no. matter. what! And then you move here and you have a gorgeous 35 degree (celsius) summers day and you have to sit inside between 11am and 3pm! I mean, so hard to do when the voice of your mother goes "Its a sunny day! you have to be out and play and embrace this gorgeous day" on repeat making you feel like a sinner of the worst kind sitting inside with two monkeys who frankly, should just live outside... 
Another thing I love about autumn, other than the cool breeze and layering, is the Nico Nico spring/summer collections. They are always the b e s t and I have to say that is was with much admiration and love that I picked out some HEMP pieces  in the most amazing pastels for this kids this season! Yes! HEMP! the most sustainable and durable fabric there is. And Nico Nico has embraced this beautiful fabric and mixed it with the best organic cotton. I have to say these pieces are just amazingly lightweight and their drape is just perfection. The mint textured skirt is divine, the hemp tops and tees are so airy and the jumpsuit looks like the most comfortable piece of clothing ever! And those pastels makes my heart sing.. yeah, it is true, I absolutely adore pastels, always have, and this summer soft pastels are going to be all around. Be still my fluttering pastel loving heart! 

For this little adventure I took the kids to our favourite spot in our very own hometown, where we always love to explore and climb the gorgeous rocky scenery at low tide. We searched the rockpools for crabs, found shells and collected broken glass in many different shades and colours, played and giggled in the sunset, and then as always, we stopped for fish and chips on the walk back home as the darkness swallowed the ocean and sky, and the only proof of the ocean was the sound of the waves rolling in <3 ! 

If you head to weemondine you will see just how many of SS16 are pastelly. Boy + girl has some incredible pieces as well as Gray label, Motoreta, Mini Rodini and Tiny cottons to mention a few of the brands that Weemondine stock that carry pastel pieces this season. Not to mention that Weemondine has the best service and sweetest instagram profile picture ever @weemondine

Thank you so much for popping by my loves
You guys truly make my heart sing just as much as pastels
Thank you for helping me spread awareness around ethically made children's fashion.
Y'all rock!! 

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  1. That looks amazing! the jumpsuit is gorgeous and the shorts that Mr. C are wearing? Perfection! I wish we could come play with you guys in the pools. Up here in the north, we're still wearing most of our winter gear. xoxo

  2. This appears to be like astounding! a jumpsuit is definitely wonderful as well as pants this Mr. T will be dressed in? Care! I actually need we're able to can come have fun with on hand males while in the warm. Right up with a north, we could continue to dressed in a lot of all of our the winter season supplies.To know more logged on at my website: