Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Hello dear friends! I hope you had a lovely easter and that life is treating you beautifully :) 
We had a bit of a slow holiday in our house but the easter bunny still hopped by and dropped some chocolate eggs around the house and garden. I love how excited the kids get from just the smallest little chocolate eggs. Miss W downed them all in one go, and Mr C only tried one and put the rest away... There is another thing that makes my kids really excited, and that is a brand new pair of Native shoes. These fabulous rubber shoes has become a summer staple in this house and they love picking out their favourite ones. in fact, Miss W got her first pair of Natives, The Miller, in size 04 when she was about a year old. They were of the first shoes she was walking in and she loved those bright and light little kicks! -and now, years later, my kids have pretty much lived in their Native shoes for the last 6 months. Living in a little coastal town, it is essential to have a pair of these babies to throw on come rain or shine!
They wear them at the rockpools where shattered glass and open clams are a threat to cutting their feet, and they wear them to and from the beach, when they go to their friends house to play, while biking, when it rains and pretty much whenever they want (which is all the time because kids love their independence)

Native shoes are super lightweight. They weigh next to nothing! Shoes light as a feather - yes please! And their soles are flexible and comfortable. And they look amazing! They cannot be compared to any other rubber shoes for kids, as these are in a league of their own. Please don't go for the cheaper plastic versions or shoes that don't sit properly on your child's feet. Our favourite style is The Jefferson (which is the Converse inspired style), but we also love the Miller (which are the Vans inspired style) but the BEST bit about the Natives, is that they are actually the most amazing water shoes! They can be worn all day long and the kids can so easily put them on and take them off themselves. The fact that they look awesome and come in a whole bunch of colour combinations, makes them the perfect summer shoes for kids (and adults) who plan to be in or around water a lot during the summer months. 

I hope you will give them a go and fall in love with these amazing little shoes!
Now also available in glitter and marble! (ALL the h e a r t e y e s!) 

Visit our fabulous friends at the Little Pin Wheel for any questions or to have a peek of all the amazing colours there are! 

All the love xxx Karianne 

Miss W is wearing
(as an open shirt)

Mr C is wearing 

And both are wearing



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