Monday, 28 March 2016


The playground basketball première is a big thing in our house. It’s a real sign that better (and longer)
days are here and that the season for late afternoons and evenings at the park have finally begun,
even for us Swedes.
Usually this doesn’t happen until in April but yesterday’s weather – with temperatures that
suddenly went above 15 degrees – made for a perfect opportunity to call a couple of friends, pack
some snacks and head for the park to play some hoops. The warm and sunny days can be few and far
in between at this time of the year so you have to get out and enjoy it while you can.
Mr W was so excited. He proudly carried the new basketball all the way to the park and back and
wouldn’t even put it down while we waited for coffee at our local trinket shop, even though it meant
declining cookies. He’s four so you know that’s a huge deal. Instead he showed the store owner his
new hat from Swedish CTH Mini and told him that it’s his captain hat.

I love the hat almost as much as he does because it is made from organic denim and because it has
that Astrid Lindgren kind of feel that makes me think of summer and childhood memories.  CTH has
so many great hats this spring, both for kids and adults and we have several of them. The fit is always
perfect and since CTH was established way back in 1885 they clearly know what they’re doing.
I must say that friendly made Swedish brands are having a great year. Just look at Mr W’s tee from
the small Swedish brand Marloe JR.  The lavender color is gorgeous and
the fabric is softer than the softest pajama shirt. If you haven’t heard of this brand before you should
check it out immediately. Anneli Nedholm is both founder and designer at Marloe JR and she does
everything herself. Fabric tests, pattern development, aesthetics and production (and on top of this
she has time to be a really great person). This brand truly represents the benefits of local production
and an ecological way of thinking. The unisex spring line is so bright and fresh and I’m hoping to show you more from this brand as the weather gets warmer. Especially the blue pieces. Those garments gets all the heart-eyes. Check those out here :)

By the way, who says that you have to play basketball in jerseys and sweats when you can look like a
fashionable Emil of Lönneberga? Mr. W says to tell you that jeans and t-shirts make for perfect
basketball attire. He also says to tell you that his jump-shot is better than mine
...but I’m not sure about that.

Xoxo Linn

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