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Hi! I’m Linn, mama to 4-year old Mr.W, and I have the pleasure of writing a few lines for this fantastic blog. And the request to contribute couldn’t have come at a better time because if sweet Karianne had asked me a month ago I wouldn’t have had much to contribute with. 
See, me and my kid live in Sweden where winter is cold, dark and long. This means that from the end of October to mid-March Mr. W’s life is pretty much spent in a winter suit. The days are short during these months and there’s no daylight good enough for photography, but this past week it has finally started to change. Spring is in the air and it’s amazing to watch the world through the eyes of my recently turned four year old. Now everything is new and exciting, just waiting to be checked out so of course he is excited. Hell, I am too!
There are a lot of times when I lay awake wondering why we still live in the cold north.  The long months of darkness we suffer through here in Sweden drive me nuts and the kid and I have always wished for more barefoot-time on the beach. But to be honest, most of those nights spent sleepless usually happen in February and March when the spring-collections all drop. Almost every brand out there release their spring/summer collections during these two months and in most parts of the world it's also warm enough to wear these perfect new items. Not in Stockholm though.  We are still stuck at measly 2 degrees Celsius and that temperature is way too cold for t-shirts, tanks or shorts, not to mention swimwear.
Thankfully we have I Dig Denim. This Swedish, Gothenburg-based, brand for kids also release a good amount of jeans, sweaters, jackets and beanies; all perfectly suited for spring in northern Europe. I love them for a lot of things, their social and environmental responsibility for example, but I always love them a little bit extra during spring because thanks to them there is at least one brand that the kid can wear right away. And since we had beautiful sunny weather yesterday we decided to take some of their collection out for a spin.
I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal and I Dig Denim is definitely a brand of my taste. Clean, sparse and with a little edge. Their ss16 collection is a beautiful palette of lighter blue and shades of grey and with yesterday’s urban backdrop the colors felt like concrete and clear spring sky. The Norton jacket with its dark-blue details will be a key piece this spring – at least in the kid's closet. And for the first time since I Dig Denim was founded they've introduced prints to their line-up. I'm in love with the clean "crocodile and palm tree" logo and I hope that it will be a part of future collections as well. 
We've been avid fans of this brand for a long time and the greatest thing about it is how versatile it is. It works just as well on babies as it does on teens. It blends in on the stony beaches at our country house just as well as in our urban backyard. I can’t wait to photograph the more summery items by the sea once the weather warms up a bit but for now we're stuck with warmer clothes as we search our neighborhood for new adventures. Yesterday’s mission was to determine the difference between graffiti and tagging since street art has become a big fascination for the kid. I’m not sure how well we did because he seems to think that everything is pretty as long as it’s sprayed on a wall. I guess he needs some education within this subject ;) 
The sneakers that the kid is wearing are the latest from Danish brand, Hummel. I prefer white sneakers (it’s okay to get them dirty and scuffed)and this hi-top model is the perfect blend of retro and now. Their sneakers come in a big range of colors and the kid often uses their low-top model when he skates. We can’t wait until the city swipes the sand off the streets so we can get the skateboards out of storage.
Have a great day, you all!
/Linn & Willem



Willem is wearing:: 
Mr W is wearing: 
Shoes (Stadil hi-top, all white, Hummel)  

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