Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Happy Almost Spring Peeps!

Me and the babe spent this past weekend in the city enjoying the breezy but warm temps and visiting the awesome CMA in lower Manhattan!

Its an impressive 10,000 sq ft space that is totally hands on with clay sculpting, art and craft rooms and P's fav which was the media room where you could create your own mini movie! He literally wanted to stay until the place shut down!
I think we've found Mr.P's calling in life. Art Film director maybe??

This season is all about getting the most out of key pieces from our fav collections like the cult brand Bobo Choses.... ever heard of them?
I know who hasn't but I love to mix n match which is just our thang, so we styled this look with I Dig denim jeans, which are just the very best! He has had these for a few seasons and they have been so loved and have a cool on trend rip in the knee! No patch required! We also broke out a very cool blazer from Tuchinda (a very lovely brand from NYC) .

Our most favorite new topper for the spring season is this lovely cap from Fallen Broken Street Kids. They make the most AMAZING hats for both Adults and kids! The quality is really suburb! This style is called the Slipway and has a nautical vibe, but it pairs perfectly with P's style. Which has been coined as Urban with a touch of quirk. I am totally cool with that though, as I try not to take his fashion so seriously and really am aiming to match his style with his personality. Which if you know Mr.P he's a pretty funny dude.

I hope you enjoy our Adventure in Soho and wish you all a very fab week!

Much love from me and Mr. P

Mr.P wears::

Indigo Tee,
Over Coat, 

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