Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Hello dear friends! I hope you had a lovely easter and that life is treating you beautifully :) 
We had a bit of a slow holiday in our house but the easter bunny still hopped by and dropped some chocolate eggs around the house and garden. I love how excited the kids get from just the smallest little chocolate eggs. Miss W downed them all in one go, and Mr C only tried one and put the rest away... There is another thing that makes my kids really excited, and that is a brand new pair of Native shoes. These fabulous rubber shoes has become a summer staple in this house and they love picking out their favourite ones. in fact, Miss W got her first pair of Natives, The Miller, in size 04 when she was about a year old. They were of the first shoes she was walking in and she loved those bright and light little kicks! -and now, years later, my kids have pretty much lived in their Native shoes for the last 6 months. Living in a little coastal town, it is essential to have a pair of these babies to throw on come rain or shine!
They wear them at the rockpools where shattered glass and open clams are a threat to cutting their feet, and they wear them to and from the beach, when they go to their friends house to play, while biking, when it rains and pretty much whenever they want (which is all the time because kids love their independence)

Native shoes are super lightweight. They weigh next to nothing! Shoes light as a feather - yes please! And their soles are flexible and comfortable. And they look amazing! They cannot be compared to any other rubber shoes for kids, as these are in a league of their own. Please don't go for the cheaper plastic versions or shoes that don't sit properly on your child's feet. Our favourite style is The Jefferson (which is the Converse inspired style), but we also love the Miller (which are the Vans inspired style) but the BEST bit about the Natives, is that they are actually the most amazing water shoes! They can be worn all day long and the kids can so easily put them on and take them off themselves. The fact that they look awesome and come in a whole bunch of colour combinations, makes them the perfect summer shoes for kids (and adults) who plan to be in or around water a lot during the summer months. 

I hope you will give them a go and fall in love with these amazing little shoes!
Now also available in glitter and marble! (ALL the h e a r t e y e s!) 

Visit our fabulous friends at the Little Pin Wheel for any questions or to have a peek of all the amazing colours there are! 

All the love xxx Karianne 

Miss W is wearing
(as an open shirt)

Mr C is wearing 

And both are wearing



Monday, 28 March 2016


The playground basketball première is a big thing in our house. It’s a real sign that better (and longer)
days are here and that the season for late afternoons and evenings at the park have finally begun,
even for us Swedes.
Usually this doesn’t happen until in April but yesterday’s weather – with temperatures that
suddenly went above 15 degrees – made for a perfect opportunity to call a couple of friends, pack
some snacks and head for the park to play some hoops. The warm and sunny days can be few and far
in between at this time of the year so you have to get out and enjoy it while you can.
Mr W was so excited. He proudly carried the new basketball all the way to the park and back and
wouldn’t even put it down while we waited for coffee at our local trinket shop, even though it meant
declining cookies. He’s four so you know that’s a huge deal. Instead he showed the store owner his
new hat from Swedish CTH Mini and told him that it’s his captain hat.

I love the hat almost as much as he does because it is made from organic denim and because it has
that Astrid Lindgren kind of feel that makes me think of summer and childhood memories.  CTH has
so many great hats this spring, both for kids and adults and we have several of them. The fit is always
perfect and since CTH was established way back in 1885 they clearly know what they’re doing.
I must say that friendly made Swedish brands are having a great year. Just look at Mr W’s tee from
the small Swedish brand Marloe JR.  The lavender color is gorgeous and
the fabric is softer than the softest pajama shirt. If you haven’t heard of this brand before you should
check it out immediately. Anneli Nedholm is both founder and designer at Marloe JR and she does
everything herself. Fabric tests, pattern development, aesthetics and production (and on top of this
she has time to be a really great person). This brand truly represents the benefits of local production
and an ecological way of thinking. The unisex spring line is so bright and fresh and I’m hoping to show you more from this brand as the weather gets warmer. Especially the blue pieces. Those garments gets all the heart-eyes. Check those out here :)

By the way, who says that you have to play basketball in jerseys and sweats when you can look like a
fashionable Emil of Lönneberga? Mr. W says to tell you that jeans and t-shirts make for perfect
basketball attire. He also says to tell you that his jump-shot is better than mine
...but I’m not sure about that.

Xoxo Linn

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016


This little Daddy and Son story is very special to me. 
My partner, Leon's dad, has been a surfer since he was 6 years old. 
The ocean for him is kind of a religion and it’s one of the reasons we’re back here in sunny Australia. When we lived in Stockholm / Sweden he even surfed out in the 1 degree icy cold water for a surf in the snow. That’s how much he loves it. Now he’d like to pass on his passion to Mr L, and while I as a mum is a bit worried, I have to stay strong as it would be fun for Mr L to learn even if I’m scared of sharks and the powerful waves.

It was just such a good feeling to watch Leon having fun on his board and connecting with his daddy in this way. Running back and forward in the water and catching the waves. 
His dad of course is a great teacher showed him on land and when in the water on a local quiet beach. Then we took off too Bondi Beach to watch some great surfers and skaters!

And what not better to capture the two: in a little father and son photo story dressed up in the ethically manufactured Bali based brand Echo lane! These shirts are so cute and yes, they make them for sons and daddies!!! Twinning is winning in such lovingly made pieces. Leon also got to test out one of Echo lane's really cute hooded pocket tee's.

Echo lane is a true small business and the team in the production is tiny: which is how you know that with every piece purchased, you are supporting a dream and two families. It is pretty incredible to know the first name of the people who created the pieces you wear, as it is not of the most common knowledge we have in this day and age.  
Echo lane is created and owned by Australian FIFO mum Kat, who is currently living in Bali. She designs the pieces there and the clothes are made by Yono from his home in Denpasar and when there is a large order, his wife and brother also help out.
You will need to be quick in pre ordering her shirts, for they sell out very quickly. I first ordered a really cool green one but I was too late, they already sold out the fabric. But I was lucky to get a hold of these two cool blue crab shirts with an aboriginal inspired print.
The shirts are made from an amazing soft cotton fabric with eco-friendly coconut shell buttons.

I hope you enjoy this little surf adventure with Echo lane!
All the best

xxx Ingrid

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