Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Yooooo homies!

Happy new year to all our friends near and far! Fantastically many adventures awaiting this year, I am so excited to take on 2016! And especially February. My favourite month as my energy picks back up with the cooler breeze!
So, many of you have asked me to make some skateboarding posts and so I decided to do just that::
I began skateboarding when I was 13 myself. I saved up my birthday money and went down to Jean TV, Arkaden / Oslo and bought my first skateboard: an alien workshop board. I loved my board! and I loved learning to skate too, even though I was never any good at tricks. I loved hanging with the boys in the city. Back then there was hardly any skatergirls around, so it was pretty hard to fit in - but I got some really good pals in this time. Back then I was into everything that was a bit rebellious: Graffiti, Hip hop. Skateboarding.
I still love all of the above <3 but they are not as rebellious any longer.
As time went on, I skated less for a while, then picked it back up again. And then I had another break post motherhood and now I am skating again, and being much better at it than I ever was. I'm feeling so much more secure and relaxed now. It's fantastic. I hope anyone who long to skate but is too afraid, to gear up and go out! Time is now!

Skateboarding has really brought our family together, we have found something we all love to do, and that we can all do together, and learn so much along the way. And we are actually a l l having an equal amount of fun, the parents get a bit more of an exercise but the kids never ever complain about being bored when we are out on our carfree adventures. Yes, it takes a bit of an effort, but we stay healthier and the kids are happier and we are all together. it's a family win! My personal favourite thing is when C and I go out in the dark evenings, skate down to the town, get lollies (I mean vegetables..... oink!) and skate back home. Just him and I, hand in hand. Its the very very best!!

We started out by walking next to our kids on their boards holding their hand.
We would walk them everywhere on a board. Then jog. Then run. They had to turn and balance themselves, but they had our arm to rely on for their safety. Mr C would even be on a skateboard holding on to a rope from the handle of my pram as I pushed Miss W around. It was awesome for he was learning a new skill and never complaining about how far we went. Then I started skating behind the pram, while Mr C was still holding on to that rope. It was a great way for me to pick up skateboarding again as I had something to hold on to, and it was so nice to play with my little loves while doing something i love. It had been 6 years since i last skated, so picking it back up wasn't all easy, but it didn't take long before it was like I never stopped. Then, when they were secure enough to know how to manoeuvre the boards and they were stable and focused, we began skating with them, like this: hand in hand. (If you will be doing this, mind your child's wrists. You don't want to damage their joints by pulling them too much. You want them to use their grip)

For this purpose, just cruising, you don't need a particular type of board but the child needs to be able to turn it, dvs: the bushings need to be adjusted to your child's weight. We found that Mr C took more to the skateboard type of ride, so he has been rolling on his SkateXS board from he was 3. Miss W however, didn't really enjoy the bumpy rides at first so she has has an adult sized bamboo mini cruiser from Sector 9. But it is too heavy for a 2-3 year old to carry for long, but with the big soft wheels it's very easy to ride. Its also great if your child is learning to kick push! The ride is smoother and the wheels further apart which creates more stability in the board.

There is many ways to teach your kid to ride a skateboard, but for our family, this has been such a natural journey. When Mr C now started kick pushing on his own, on his brand new SkateXS board,  he goes super fast and is very secure in his movements, turns easily and naturally and he has a fantastic balance. And in January, for the very first time he used the tail to turn, which is something I have tried to encourage for months, but nada. Then on that day some kids aged 6-8 were skating and he just went over, said "hi!" skated with them and did what they did. The best part was that it looked like he had done that a million times, when in fact, it was his first time ever (January 2, 2016)
Miss W loves to practice kick pushing too. And all of this has happened without us forcing anything on them.  We had fun on our boards and so our children wanted to do the same and be a part of that.

At the skatepark we let the kids be completely unattached to us unless, of course, they wanna hang :)
We don't really skate ramps and its a fabulous environment for them to learn on their own. At the skateparks they are wearing all their protection gear (More info about protection here) and both kids use their lightweight bamboo children's boards from SkateXS. It is important for them to be able to control their boards and carry them around with them. Miss W adores her unicorn skateboard. Their names in the griptape is such a cool touch, and makes them both feel that these boards are meant for them only. It's such a good feeling for children to see that some things are made specifically for them and it truly encourages them to get up and go on their own. At the skateparks we let them climb, run, bumboard, slide and skate. It's all a learning curve and it's important to not take your kids to a skatepark and expect them to only skate. They love exploring and learning and what better way than through play? Chris also skates ramps with Mr C sometimes. That is always fun, and teaches a great deal about how you stand and how the board feels. With Miss W daddy will run next to her while holding her hand still. She loves it! But she also loves to just slide down the ramps and use her board as a toboggan. Which we also do down the hills in our hood when we are just out playing and having fun! Mr C goes so fast I am pretty much a nervous wreck by the time he reaches the bottom of the hill! Yeeeewhaaa!
There is just so many ways to learn something but kids sure do learn better through play :)

More about protection gear and skateboards in my skateboard introduction post ::


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