Thursday, 25 February 2016


Nico Nico and Time Machine::
Nico Nico are masters of making timeless fashion. Organic. Ethical. USA made. Incredibly durable. Superbly soft. The designer Sue Tsai is just awe inspiring and she was one of the people who inspired me to start a blog based on ethical fashion. I love her commitment to a more sustainable world, her eye for details and her love for amazing fabrics (if you own a n y t h i n g by Nico Nico, you know what I am talking about!) AW15 has come and gone, but you can still get some of these incredible pieces on sale from @shopthesearethedays before it's all gone forever (I have my eyes on a few pieces still!!) and you will thank me for trying NN if you have yet to try this brand. Autumn is creeping closer in my neck of the woods, I mean b u s h, so we will be living in these pieces for months to come. (YAY!)  

This time-travel adventure I called 'The taste of childhood' as since the birth of my children, I am remembering so many wonderful things from my own childhood. Things I thought I had forgotten. And funny enough, most of my best memories has something to do with nature (or food. Or both:) I grew up in a really small town in the forests behind Oslo (population back then was not even 2500 people) and the forest was practically our backyard. I would sit for hours down by the little stream that trickled through the forests edge and I could wander around and let time completely slip away as I was picking lilies of the valley, edelweiss and blue bells, all on my own surrounded by massive trees and lush grass. It was the kind of childhood that dreams were made of. Mine, anyways. It was truly magical and one of my biggest heartaches about living in Australia and raising children here, is that I miss our Norwegian forests. But, then you have this gorgeous country in which we live, where national parks are scattered all around and they all offer diversity in nature and new adventures and places to explore. This gorgeous park is a little adventure away form Sydney. (I'd say about an hour north) It is a community garden with a beautifully built up botanical garden, eco garden and an old farm from back in time, say 1800's sometime, not to mention a big playpark with lots of fun for the kids. This is one of our favourite destinations. You can see more from previous visits to this fantastic park, here :: It is simply the most stunning park, and I recommend to anyone who is travelling out of Sydney to have a stop here. The ferry over from the mainland and those small windy roads takes me straight back to our year in South Italy. so so good!     
I could go on forever, instead I will just say: make sure you head to these are the days and check out her amazing sale! Then put on your Nico Nico clothing and (@fallenbrokenstreetkids) hats and get out in the nature that surrounds you where you are.
Touch it, feel it, embrace it. 
Enjoy the fresh air.

Thank you :: You're welcome /// Karianne 

Miss W is wearing 

Mr C is wearing
(this is woven in the most incredible fabric!) 
DC chino shorts
Vans flower shoes

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Loud apparel is finally in da house!!! with a funky and quirky tribute to Alice in Wonderland with their collection: "Where is Alice"
Monochrome, grey and denim blues, fun prints and frills is what you can find in this collection. Organically sourced fabrics and high quality pieces as always. These pieces last and last through rough play and millions of washes! I am always taken by the quality of this brand. You just have to f e e l the finished product to know that this was a labour of love and care. Our favourite Loud Apparel pieces has always been the drop crotch track pants, the super soft tees and the cut out socks.  This season I am loving the drop crotch shorts as well and the baby collection is so cute!!

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