Monday, 4 January 2016


Hi friends,
I can't believe it is already2016!! It feels like it was just easter! Time sure flies once you have little monkeys of your own to occupy your every thought and moment. They grow so fast and change even faster. It's a magical journey watching your children grow into amazing humans: and a bit of a scary and overwhelming responsibility as well. We are shaping their personalities r i g h t now. They say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, so I guess there is some security in knowing that this applies to our children as well. When you look at kids in play, they pretty much just mimic what they hear from their surrounding adults. We just watched the little documentary: secret life of 4 year olds. so cute! 
One of the things I find harder to do over here in the land of OZ is create those christmas childhood memories at home as we do at home (in Norway. In the snow and minus degrees)
You don't feel too much like working with wool felt and candle making in 30+ degrees (Celsius) but we always make gingerbread cookies, every year, which we all love. I hope your holiday was wonderful and that you and your loved ones are all happy and healthy in the new year. 

Summer has arrived in Australia now, and boy what a summer it has been so far. Rain and chilly air most of the time, a few days of perfect weather in between and some very very hot and humid days in between. It has truly been the worst summer yet. My kids has worn cardigans and pants most of the summer, which normally is unheard of this time of year, but as luck would have it, we did get to wear these numbers from Scotch shrunk, which, dare I say it, makes me wish for ONLY days like these! My little dude picked out the kaftan shirt himself. And you should have seen his face when he discovered that the shirt came with this beautiful surfboard necklace. That is one of the things I love about Scotch Shrunk as well, the fact that their swing tags come with little doohickeys like thumbwrestling masks, fortune telling fold-yourself dices and the surfboard necklace Mr C is wearing here...  Little things make little people very happy. And these palmtree pants make me very happy! Such perfect summer pants for little surfer dudes, so so soft and loose, with a high quality and durable cotton linen mix. The chunky cardigan has been my favourite piece of the season and I just needed it for my little guy. The colour scheme and the mix of grandpa flare and baseball style makes all the heart eyes. Its the perfect cardigan to rug up in after an evening swim. The boardshorts have the perfect fit and look: it comes in the little drawstring bag and it is made in a solid and durable fabric. I adore this print!! The mint / red is just beautiful and sticks out amongst all the blue and black boardshorts out there. ...and if you didn't know this yet... we love standing out! 

So we went for a little afternoon play at the lagoon where the boy got to practice his swimming some more, and when the sun hid behind the trees on the hill, Mr C rugged up in his awesome Scotch Shrunk SS15 pieces and played with the thumbwrestling masks he got from the swingtag. Then we headed to town for some ice cream in the chilly wind. It was one of those magical afternoons where it was just him and I and we were best buds and it was great! 

We wish you the happiest of new years!
Thank you so much for being a part of our little adventure. 

ps: the coin around his neck, is a Norwegian krone. It is perfection with its Viking inspired graphics, and it makes me think of where I come from, and I love that. 

xoxo /// Karianne

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