Tuesday, 12 January 2016


HI everyone. So fabulous to see how well received my skateboard tab has been. Thank you so much for taking your time to check it out. I hope you found it useful. There is more to come for sure :)
I figured I'd share the rest of the images from our recent skatepark shoot, as I really love some of these shots in these epic summer clothes. If you missed the skateboard post, it is to be found((here)) all my skateboarding posts will contain relevant info about skate related things. like protection, boards, shoes and of course, apparel.
As looks go, there isn't just one that goes with skateboarding, there is room for any style: The only must is that the clothes you skate in allows you to move freely.
Intro: Munster kids high summer collection:
If you do like a bit of a skate/bmx/surf look, Munster kids makes fantastic clothes for both girls and boys age newborn-15 years. They truly know exactly how to cater to the grommets.
Where most big brands slap their logo on absolutely everything, Munster doesn't focus too much on branding, but more on their quality, fabrics and look and is definitely one of the brands that fit our kids personalities the best. Durable, playful and cool.
To see what I mean, check this link  MUNSTER KIDS

I had this shoot planned out for weeks, but NSW was pretty much under water all summer and we never made it to the skate park. It was awful, the kids had just warmed up to skate park skating when it got so cold and rainy.
But this weekend we had decided, this is IT! and luckily, it suddenly cleared up and we had a gorgeous weekend where we travelled near and far and simply enjoyed every second of each others company. 
When you have little kids there always tend to be so much fighting going on between them that everyone gets a bit affected by it. "YO! Don't hit her" "Don't scratch him" "don't pull his hair! C'mon! Give him a break" "Please don't push her!" even though you try to always brush it off again, it sort of sets the mood sometimes...  but this weekend was so peaceful. Nobody tried killing the person next to them in the car. Yay!
We went to our favourite skate park because the light there in the evenings is so beautiful. The sunset hits the park just right so it's just such a good spot for a magic hour shoot! So we skated up and down the waterfront and then we headed to the skate park where both kids challenged themselves with big grins and brave hearts. I love seeing them do things they feel are a bit scary. Challenge themselves. The pride on their faces when they nail it is just priceless. 
Motherhood is a wondrous journey. Even when you deserve a Nobel's peace-prize at the end of the day. Most days. It's the moments in between that are magical. 

Have a fabulous day wherever you are.

/// Karianne

Miss W is wearing
Vans from Knapstore
unicorn skateboard from SkateXS

Mr C is wearing
Vans from Knapstore
Socks from loud apparel
Panda skateboard from SkateXS


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