Sunday, 17 January 2016


Bobo Choses, Der Blaue Reiter is definitely a collection after my own heart :: as you may know if you have followed / read my blog for a while, I am a former art student who's goal was to become and art historian, I simply love art and art history, and the fact that Bobo brings out these passions once again, makes me love Bobo more. And any excuse to wear LOTS of colour, just makes my heart happy. When I saw these prints and colours I immediately knew that this would bring out my creativity and on a whim I ended up making a little video where I filled up the Matisse 2-1 backpack with art goodies, which resulted in us leaving the house and heading to the beach for some much appreciated paint on the beach time. So much fun! I love when my kids can just play and get messy and enjoy being a kid. They got so messy, Miss W is still in the age where she uses the paint as a hand lotion after a good 15-30 minutes of focused painting, so she had to head straight to the lake to wash of the paint from arms or legs before we thought about packing up and heading home for dinner. I couldn't help but picture Matisse and his crew painting by the water front and hopping into the lake with all their clothes on to get the paint of afterwards. 

I chose the Art college knit tee as a tribute to my grandfather who was born in 1911, and for the town I was born, where the postcode is 1911. And because yellow is my favourite colour.
I absolutely love this cotton knit. Believe me, this might just be my very favourite piece from Bobo this season! 

Mr C loved getting sand on his canvas, and learned about different textures and his version of  The Joker is now hanging on the wall in the study. Miss W's painting is upstairs in the lounge. 

I hope your weekend was absolutely wonderful. 
And I hope you are ready for the Bobo Choses launch TOMORROW!! 

 Miss W is wearing 


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