Thursday, 29 December 2016


Dear friends from near and far!
Christmas time is here, and in the land of OZ the weather is warm no matter how grey it can get these days. I love summer, and Australia [And Australians] but I find Christmas in this heat, in shorts and thongs, to be a little bit strange still... it's the polar opposite to what I am used to... But it has it's very own charm as well. Pool parties and BBQ's, who doesn't love that? The kids have the best time! 
Mr C just got really good at swimming ~ self-taught [of course], and Miss W is getting brave in the water too! It's so much fun to see them challenge themselves and get better at things they try hard at. 
Both the kids have pushed their limits in different ways this year and though the climbing is at the centre of their personal growth, there has been a lot of growing up as well. Mr C lost his first tooth and Miss W learned how to do everything really fast. Scooting, biking, skating, running... Keeping up with an active older brother, I guess its only natural.
She is also a little moody lately, and this day when we went out, Miss W was tired and a bit unhappy, as you can see in one of this pics, so Mr C did everything he could think of to cheer her up. He even picked a flower for her. Big brothers are amazing. So are little sisters... 
Sometimes, I like to keep things really simple, so this day we just went for a walk in our neighbourhood. We walked from our house, up the little hill, down a little hill and then there we were, at the lagoon, where we just played in the sand and waters edge for a little while before heading to the sushi place for a well earned lunch! It's so beautiful here, lots of little spots and gorgeous gardens and houses to capture... I love the older houses so much and love dreaming away, imagining buying one and doing it up... 

Both kids had gotten some new gear, and they were both super excited to test them out.
The jeans Mr C is wearing is actually the Ben joggers [trackpants] by the masters of denim: I dig denim. Miss W's  Lee jeans by I dig denim are the coolest jeans ever though! I love these boyfriend type pants on her!  I dig denim has the best quality denims for kids. There is no other jeans label that goes all the way like this kind brand. It is super love. To see other IDD adventures we have had, check this:: Freeandwildchild blog X I dig denim ::
If you have been reading our blog for a while, you know we love MAA shoes. This gorgeous Spanish shoe company, where every shoe is handmade in their factory in Alicante. These shoes are made to last, super comfortable, durable, and so luxurious, the second you feel and smell this leather, you know they are amazing! I always say that these shoes smell like the old town of Rhodes/ Greece. The scent in the little backstreets in Rhodes smell of amazing leather from all the leather shops making and selling jackets and sandals.The kids picked out heir own shoes and both of them were really excited once they arrived. Miss W of course loves anything pink or purple, and the MAA OULU GRANADA shoes are a dream come through for her, and Mr C chose the HANKO LAVAGNA kicks in the softest leather you ever felt! So amazing!!
To see more collaborations between us check this: Freeandwildchild blog x MAA shoes 

It was a lovely day. 
I hope your holiday time is wonderful and peaceful <3
We have spent all our time with family and friends from near and far. 
It has been such a wonderful christmas.  




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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Mr L loves his new telescope. He wants to carry it with him everywhere and he believes he’s a little pirate. He took it with him to our local beach and he started bird watching! Was fun to watch him in his search for Australian birds! He scopes everywhere up on the surf ramp and then he climbed up a tree, without to much luck this day. He had fun anyway!
He’s wearing the cute T-shirts and pants from Iglo + Indi's limited Puffin collection! The Atlantic Puffin is one of my favorite birds. It’s just beautiful! Here’s some fun facts: Did you know that in Iceland there is between 8 to 10 million Puffins compared to a population of 333 000 people. Pretty incredible!
The Puffin collection is Iglo + Indi's best selling print and they are bringing it back in store for a limited time! Like all they collection is super quality with GOSF certificated cotton. I just love it!  To complete the outfit', Mr L wears the cute panda hat as well from Iglo + Indi!

The best shoes for summer is the Straw slip ins from Tip Toey Joey. They are very breathable, so your little ones feet doesn’t have to sweat. Wish you all a fun day exploring and hopefully you will see some beautiful birds! 

Ingrid xxx

Ingrid is a children's Photographer and a regular contributor to FWC blog.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Hi loves! How have you been? Here its been hectic lately, and HOT too! About 40 degrees the last few days! But then, as summer has arrive, what better than thin and loose clothing?
When it comes to quality, SUDO is widely known to be at the top of their game. This highly established Melbourne brand has been in the children's fashion world since 2003, and the first thing that hit me the very first time I held a SUDO piece, was that this quality is amazing! I remember the first piece we got: It was a little tee with a lion printed on the back. Cutest thing ever! Now, we have had the pleasure of trying lots more from SUDO and one of the main things for me as a mom of two very active kids, is that clothing wash well and wear well. You can wash SUDO pieces over and over and they do not fade in colour or quality! I have been so in love with all the pieces we have ever owned and have been sad when the kids have outgrown them.
This season we have gotten to try out a little bit or girls and a little bit or boys wear, I will share our boys picks soon, but I wanted to show of this amazing little Layla jumpsuit in super soft Rayon and the little rain dance knitted hoodie  Both these pieces are stunning, and will be worn on repeat this entire summer! The jumpsuit has the best fit, delicate, feminine and lovely. Miss W adores this and has been asking to wear it every day, and so she has. SUDO has also made amazing little sunglasses this year, Miss W chose the blush Peyton sunglasses and they compliment this amazing little outfit perfectly. I have to say, this is my favourite SUDO collection yet. I hope you will love this as much as we do. Also, SUDO has a spend and save campaign running till midnight Dec 15th 2016.
It offers $20 off when you spend $100, $50 off when you spend $150, $100 off when you spend $300.

I hope you like our little beachy adventure and remember to subscribe to the blog so you can see which pieces Mr C picked out!

And have a lovely school holiday!
We are so excited to have our big boys home for 6 weeks!!!

Karianne @freeandwildchild 

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