Friday, 11 December 2015


Scotch R'belle is the beloved Amsterdam brand Scotch & Soda's little girls brand, and I have to say, this is a new favourite in our house: the quality is absolutely flawless, I cannot even begin to describe how it feels to touch these pieces, so luxurious: All the scotch shrunk (the boy version) and the R'belle pieces are immaculately detailed, fun and quirky! Its all in the details: that little button there, that zippor, that coloured thread... It has been pure joy to discover this brand! The pieces comes with little doohickeys like fold yourself dices to tell the future, thumb wrestling faces, surf necklaces etc attached to the swing tags, (I'll show you more of this soon)
I also investigated the brand and read their code of conduct, which of course matters a great deal to me, and I was so happy to see a brand that really cares about how their products are manufactured. 
you can read more in their Code Of conduct (( here))   and I truly do suggest you take a look! 
Buckets and Spades is one of the biggest stockists of the brand in Australia, and you can now find ALL of  their Scotch R'belle at a staggering 50% of ! This is a huge sale with so many key pieces from their latest collection, so I'd jump right on it (in fact, I am!) 

I took miss W to her favourite place in our neighbourhood, and we had a wonderful afternoon at low tide scouting for crabs and shells in the little rockpools. She was wearing the silkiest embroidered top, and the most gorgeous beach warrior skirt, and she was jumping around playing in the wind. I love how this skirt drapes in the wind, so elegant yet still easy to play in, which is key when you are 3 years old and playing by the ocean. I simply adore this curious little girl and her patient daddy who teaches her so many cool things about the ocean. And I am thankful they are lucky too, because the next wave that splashed up on that rock in front of Miss W (and daddy who was right there next to her), actually would have made them both soaked to the bone! 

I hope you like our little evening adventure 
/// Karianne 

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Miss W is also wearing Eli Papanatas sandals:


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  1. Hello from a local child fashion enthusiast! My girl has this top in white. We love this brand too! Excellent quality and attention to detail.