Monday, 21 December 2015


Designer, Singer and Actress Natalie Bassingthwaighte has just lunched her third Chi Khi collection; The Chi Khi Lounge Range. It’s a mid-season collection designed for the really cool little mini's 0-2 years and it’s just AMAZING! The colour scheme is monochrome, the style is unisex and the pieces can all easily be mixed and matched.  The fabric is made of a bamboo and cotton mix, which is a wonderful and sustainable fabric for the littlest ones. Leon is very lucky he was sent an early Christmas gift in a beautiful gift box from Chi Khi, which is available if you make an order over $30.

Summer has arrived here in Australia, and we can finally explore a lot and go on fun adventures. It is especially fun to dress up in nice garments from Chi Khi to keep you cool all day in the heat. 
We started our day with Leon opening his early Christmas present in bed and then we headed out for an adventure. He wanted his favorite Teddy with him so he carried him around in his Chi Khi mesh bag.
Leon is a big fan of Mr C's and Miss W's skateboarding but he’s still a bit young, so I took him to the skatepark to watch the older kids.  He loves seeing them doing all the tricks.
After that we went on a little adventure to check out wall art in the backstreet's, before it was time for a cool off at the beach. Leon just loves climbing around on the boats by the lagoon, and of course he couldn’t resist to play in the water too.  He got all wet and then we changed into the Wrap shorts and the Fred Tank from Chi Khi kids range. It’s very notable it’s high end designer clothes for the eye for the small details. Chi Khi's logo is two cute blinking eyes and it comes back in the details for example the back of the pockets at the wrap shorts. The mesh tank is another great example how to transform a basic tank into a designer piece!
The best thing with Chi Khi's clothes is you can wear them all day and night Like Natalie said herself “I wanted to create a range of items that could go from day to night and sleep to play, essentially be comfy enough to sleep in while cool enough for hitting the streets with Mum”.
We wrapped up our day by baking the traditional Swedish gingerbread cookies, and the Rock suit made a very cute Santa outfit as well! Little Leon was more keen to eating the yummy doughy instead of baking!
I hope you enjoy the Chi Khi collection and the beautiful gift boxes! 
Ww wish you all a Wonderful Christmas!

xxx Ingrid

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The Teddy bear

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