Friday, 13 November 2015


My litte buskers feeling the Terrigal vibe.
As I grow as a photographer and the kids grow personalities I am starting to see more of them through my lens than I sometimes do by just looking at them. Like the lens concentrates my field of view that much, that I see farther into their souls behind it. It is a fascinating road, this blogging mama buis: As this blog keeps growing and the social media keeps growing, the contributor list keeps growing and the responsibility keeps growing, it's easy to get carried away and forget why this all began. This blog got started because I love kids fashion, but I didn;t want my children wearing clothes that could potentially have robbed the childhood from other children to be made (read child labour) but not just that: mothers who work for 15 hours a day in highly toxic environment, who gets paid next to nothing so they have to buy produce that us in the west would have thrown away days ago, and who miss out on their children's upbringing sewing the sleeves on your t-shirt.... I didn't want to embrace that. I have tried hard to aim at being a completely ethically focused blog, and though sometimes I don't know where something might come from, in most cases, I am on first name basis with the people who created the pieces in the first place and that is something special to me. I adore these men and women who makes a difference in the world. And I love what I do.

Hanna from I dig denim spends a lot of time visiting factories and being a part of each and every step of the way of her famous denim and basic pieces. The result is the best denim you can get for kids and the softest and most durable tees and dresses. You can read more about her code of conduct and ethos ((here)) 

Chasing rivers is a whole new australian label: Raquel uses 100% organic australian cotton and the pieces are 100% made in Australia. Even down to the artists who illustrate for her, are from this huge country... How awesome is that? The quality is unbeatable and the little tank top Miss W is wearing is my favourite ever ever. How cute is that howling cub? More (( here))

Sam and Rich from Munster Kids has been making their fabulous pieces friendly in Vietnam since the very beginning. They also have a charity called T4T "T4T is an initiative that aims to help the kids in orphanages throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. Each season we commission our favourite artists to do a series of artwork for Munster tees. The proceeds from the sale of these tees are shared with kids in Vietnam and Cambodia, providing clothing, books and bikes"  You can read more about Munster kids ((here))

If you wish to learn more about the importance of ethically produced clothing, you should take a look at this movie: THE TRUE COST. It covers it all.

I wish you a fabulous weekend.
Enjoy your family and time out 
/// Karianne 

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