Monday, 30 November 2015


Oh mothers of creative souls and lovers of the good ol 90's unite, 
Fayvel shoes in da house! 
So so good, I don't even know where to start;; made from the love of collecting and trading, like we did with stickers and polly pockets back in the day, and vegan, for the love of animals. Fayvel shoes are a little shoe revolution, cute as can be, super comfortable, lightweight retro sneakers, with a twist! The beige patch on the sides, are covered with a lovely fuzzy fabric: and you can get little packets of 4 patches with velcro on the back to attach to the fuzzy bit. You get all kinds of patches: spooky, pirate, fairy, sports, under the sea, musical etc etc to fit personalities, hobbies and interests, and the kids can trade and share as they please. Mr C chose the green beans and immediately upon opening his parcel, he went straight to work! Miss W helped him with his patches and he was placing them where he felt they needed to go. I did not explain of any sort and they both knew immediately what to do with the patches that came with the shoes. 
I think it is so refreshing to see something so cute / kawaii, new and fresh! An utterly amazing presented product!

I will recommend these to anyone, but I wont have to! Mr C takes care of that bit as he runs up to everyone he meets and tells them about his amazing-shoes.. (Said as sneaker-shoes... Or running-shoes! These are amazing-shoes! And I happen to agree wholeheartedly with him) 

I hope you will love these kicks just like we do! That green colour is just the best shade of green! Major love! But also available in blue, pink and purple :) 

/// Karianne 


For wholesale or to purchase
Please visit Fayvel and learn all about them on their website 

Mr C is wearing 
Mini Rodini socks


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