Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Happy November Friends!

Another Weekend another trip to the forest! I must be the luckiest mama to have such a nature loving little man! P is an encyclopedia of all things creature related and was totally excited to visit this cool hiking spot near our town and turn over every log and stone to find what lived beneath. As much as I enjoy being in the city I feel so blessed to have nature in our back yard. He found lots of little critters and then walked into the most epic rainbow! 

I always say how wonderful it must be to be little and have 'eyes wide open' so to speak, not so much as a care in the world, and really why should it be anything else? Let them be little and get messy, and be LOUD! It was really sweet and fun when Mr.P would turn around like Elmer Fudd with a long branch that he found and went "hunting" not for rabbits (or wabbits if we're being authentic) but for snakes! Then he would start racing down the path making the most shrilling shrieking sound when he thought he saw something moving...

The afternoon was warm and mild so P was able to try out our new Bobo jumper and beanie from my favorite UK shop Quinn & Pip who carries a fab curated selection of Bobo Choses (and lots of other yummy brands too) .

I have been so impressed with the quality of the knits from Bobo this season. And to be totally honest  I love that they have a kinda 80's Cosby Show vibe that makes me feel a bit nostalgic... (also a bit old)
 I certainly adore the range of mohair knits from their past collections, but P honestly would never have worn them (way too itchy) . This cool 'mountain print" with the fox patch is really charming and cozy. Which print is your favorite? 

We paired with this seasons funky berber print track pants from Finnish brand Mainio. Finished off with some kicks from Akid which are sure to become a winter staple with the warm plush fur.  Absolutely perfect combo for a stylish fall forest expedition in the woods! 

Check out more from Mainio AW15 here!

Be well, and much love from Upstate NY xx

Keira and Mr.P

P wears 
Bobo Choses Jumper & beanie, Quinn & Pip
Berber Print  Trouser &( Wholesale Inquiries)  Mainio
Jasper Fur Boots Akid Brand

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