Monday, 23 November 2015


Hi dear friends! I feel like there is always so much time in between my blog posts these days, I tell you life has truly been happening over here and it has been hectic and crazy in so many ways. The move was fantastic! We have a new house in a better location and we are all loving our new home, but as you know, moving takes a lot of time! And there you have it, the main reason for my few and far blog posts, but that is ALL about to change! So many things brewing at the F&W HQ!

But before anything else, I am so excited to bring you this little adventure of beautiful shades of pink and purple, featuring the best toy a little girl could ever ask for: a PINK vintage car! The french company Baghera cars makes the most elegant and exquisite vintage ride on and pedal cars you have ever seen. They can truly take your breath away! "I design the cars I used to dream of, for the delight of children" says Emmanuel Nouveau, founder of Baghera. The quality is superb and the details are just incredible! They come in a range of fabulous styles and colours, but as it happens, Miss W is a big fan of pink these days, and who am I to tell her she has to choose yellow just because that is my favourite colour? Pink it was, and what joy this pink little car has brought her! She rides it every day around the house, with a beautiful smile and a royal wave. I know she cannot wait to take it with her down to the beach for a ride! 
 ((to see the one I would have chosen for myself see ((here))  and the one Mr C would have chosen ((here)) and of course, my husband would have chosen ((this)) one! To read more about these wonderful cars, please have a look here:: )) 

For this little adventure I decided we needed to take advantage of the Jacaranda season: when the floor is all purple from the flowers, oh, it is such a gorgeous sight. Some streets are covered in little lilac flowers and the trees in the distance look like purple fairy floss. So we ended up in Turramurra / Sydney and played in someone's front yard for a while. Miss W thought the whole place was enchanting. I have long wanted to dress Miss W in something beautiful and tailored from Le carrousel Paris, and finally the occasion arrived with this gorgeous car. Le Carrousel Paris is a beautiful brand that caters to everyone who loves anything French. The nostalgia and the beauty of these pieces take you back to a time where life was simple and picking sticks and throwing pebbles in a pond, picking flowers and stealing apples from your neighbours apple tree was the past time of all the children in the street.
In her beautiful Le Carrousel Paris flower dress, paired with those mustard La Coqueta socks and Eli Papanatas sandals, topped with that beautiful Baghera vintage hat and goggles, she looked like she came straight out of that time, and I have to admit, I sort of wished we could time travel and live a simple life like that. 

I hope you will enjoy this little adventure as much as we did and wish you a beautiful and enchanting week.

/// Karianne 

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