Saturday, 24 October 2015


Exactly what summer should be all about. Play, fun, friends, beach... 
I'm just so thankful to live in paradise and I'm grateful my kids get to enjoy the ocean from so early on. When we lived in the city, I was constantly missing the beautiful ocean, so I truly know how to appreciate this.
Having friends all around, most of our playdates are on the beach as well. I mean, why would they not be, right?
We spend hours here every day! 
On this day Mr C and Miss W met their pal Mr H and had a fun play in the water on this gorgeous day.
It was daddy's day of, the perfect amount of waves, a beautiful little breeze, just the right amount of puffy clouds in the sky and just the right amount of degrees. The kids played in the water for hours, with the only breaks being to grab a chip or some carrot juice from the cafe. Yes, on days like these, I feel so grateful.
Mr C (notice how long his hair is getting? I love!!) was wearing his new munsterkids shorts and rashie from buckets and spades, and Mr H in his littlehorn shorts and quiksilver rashie. Both wore their favourite summer shoes from native shoes from little pin wheel., 
Miss W wore her 
munster kids watermelon swimsuit, Kardashian Kids skirt and her new favourite bag from Louise Misha. When paired with some natural leather sandals from the spanish shoe specialist, Eli Papanatas, you have the ultimate summerlook for any little super girl!
(She was so cute skateboarding in this super sweet outfit! She takes my breath away) 
Then we ended the day with momma carrying the sleepy girl home, and her falling asleep beneath the shade from the fresh and lovely smelling laundry in the garden.

All the kids went to bed exhausted on this day. For you know all the rumours about the fresh sea air... It's all true! They sure sleep like angels. 

Miss W is wearing 

Mr C is wearing


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