Friday, 2 October 2015


Just a few short weeks ago I was thinking about how I wished for cooler temps so we can dress in cozy  layers and then BAM! The autumnal chill in the air has come on strong and it is time for all things knitted and fleecy with this amazing Ombre Structured sweatshirt and these faux leather harem style trousers.

Our absolute favorite neighborhood to explore in New York is Williamsburg Brooklyn. Its very child friendly with slightly wider streets than in Manhattan , so P is in heaven riding his Mini Kick scooter around.

We made our usual stop at Sweet-Haus bakery for red velvet  cupcakes and chocolate coins. They were so kind to let P have his without the icing! I mean I have the funniest Kiddo!
The Waterfront was busting with families strolling, men fishing and cool kids doing tricks on their bikes. We also came upon a cool wall installation which caught P's eye and I could not peel him away!

We of course were thrilled to finally get to try our new fab gear from Omamimini. This dip dye sweat-top and faux leather pants are really to die for (seriously)! So cool for both boys and girls, (yes even with a low swinging back).  Everyone wanted his whole outfit... from tip to toe.... but how could they not! Those UBER trendy hip style consciousness peeps in the Burg! I just bask in the sidelines letting him get his shine on! Its his time I mean, I just nod and smile proudly when they ask if I am his mom, and how lucky I am to be! My little muse... my Mr.P!

I say YES to it being fall and a double YES to Omamimini! A wonderful kids brand doing great things! Oh and All Pieces are designed and Manufactured in LA.... (how sweet is that)!

Hope you all are well and happy,
Much Love From Me and P

To see more of this fabulous brand or inquire about wholesale

P wears:: Top and trousers BY:: Omamimini

Lace up Watercolor Mocs :: Akid Brand

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