Monday, 14 September 2015


OH so theeeere you are darling, now I remember......  Sometimes things go a bit fast over here!! I lost this shoot somewhere and I couldn't find it anywhere, but it turned out that this robot had robotically moved all these images from my big camera onto my own computer and forgotten all about it, so deep deep inside a folder in my iphoto library was these little gems hiding! This (well, t h a t) weekend we actually had our first ever skate park play! Sadly, this robotic momma had LEFT the helmets and kneepads by the front door, which was not a good move because when we have a car we don't u s e the front door! Isn't it funny how motherhood is so based on routines that we almost don't even live it sometimes, we just do? anyways, it was a fabulous winters day: Crisp air but not freezing. Pelicans in the water, I had a brand new skateboard and the kids had so much fun fighting over who could skate with daddy on the ramps! I love a good adventure and this certainly was one.
Miss W was so snug in her Gro vest from Four Monkeys,  truly the best piece we had this winter!!! And just some old plain blue jeans about 2 sizes too big with mustard and pink to match the season colour scheme of course. (and since I always try to match the kids a little Mr C wore the same colours!)

So better late than never to finally do a TBT blog style! woot!
I am just so relieved I found this again and could finally put our skatepark adventure up here :)))

/// Karianne


Miss W is wearing:
Jeans and cardigan Miss W's own
Shoes: Chuck Taylors

Mr C is wearing
Munster kids track pants. 


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