Tuesday, 8 September 2015


At 6AM he woke up and I immediately opened my eyes and tried to see through the blinds in the sun had greeted the day yet or not, and luckily she was only just about to: So I took his hand, snuck downstairs, got him and I dressed and off we went! We live in this spot so finding beauty during a sunrise/ sunset is the simplest thing, and as we walked down our street towards the water, I feared we would miss the sunset due to clouds. I was a bit stressed but then I looked at this little guy, so full of adventure and expectations to be out at this hour, just ham and I, and I lost all sense of stress and thoroughly enjoyed that warm hand in mine as we walked in the on-and-off orange light. When we got there, the clouds and the sun suddenly decided to put on quite a show, and we both just had such a special moment together. Mr C was just sitting at the waters edge slowly throwing sand to make bubbles in the still seawater. Tiny little ripples that got bigger and bigger and then gone again. Bathing in sunlight I managed to capture this moment - it truly was such a special little adventure. My first born and I. Oh how I love him. My moon boy. 

He was wearing his warm and super soft merino knit form FIRST BORN KNITS. An Australian company that specialise in ethically knitted sweaters for adults and children. I just wish I could have one of these jumpers for each of us. Such a rockstar look on this kid. The fact that every garment is made especially for you, handmade in south america, just makes each piece feel so much more special. You truly feel the love that go into making these beauties: and I never felt anything softer!!! 
You must check out their other knits. They have a knitted vest that I can't get out of my mind. It is soooo cute! Go ((here)) 

Hope you enjoy. 
Lots of love and light from Mr C and I 

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